All about Overture Jet, the supersonic plane that will connect London and New York in 3.5 hours

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The American startup Boom Supersonic has presented its new fancy airliner, a lightning-fast Concorde-like aircraft that it hopes will revolutionize aviation and considerably reduce flight times.

Trips from London to NYC are predicted to take just about three and a half hours in total.

By how much will Overture Jet cut travel times

According to Boom Supersonic, Overture is expected to cut travel times by about 50%, compared to conventional subsonic aircraft. For example, the company claims that Overture will be able to fly from New York to London in just over three hours, instead of the current seven hours or so.

However, it’s important to note that these estimates are based on current flight times and may vary depending on factors such as flight path, weather conditions, and air traffic. Additionally, Overture is still in the development phase and its final capabilities may differ from current estimates.

What are the Overture Jet specifications

The Overture Jet is designed to be environmentally friendly and will run on sustainable aviation fuels. The following are its specifications and expected features:

  • speed: Overture is expected to have a top speed of Mach 1.7 (about 1,700 mph), which is more than twice the speed of sound;

  • range: the jet is expected to have a range of 4,250 nautical miles (about 4,900 miles or 7,900 kilometers), which means it will be capable of flying non-stop between many major cities around the world;

  • capacity: Overture is designed to carry up to 80 passengers in a typical configuration, with a maximum capacity of 75 in a high-density configuration;

  • length: the jet is expected to be about 205 feet (62.5 meters) long;

  • wingspan: the wingspan of Overture is expected to be about 60 feet (18 meters);

  • engines: Overture will be powered by three turbofan engines, which are being developed by Rolls-Royce;

  • noise: the aircraft will be equipped with advanced noise reduction technology to minimize sonic boom noise during flight. And, to minimize noise pollution as much as possible;

  • materials: Overture will be made primarily of advanced composite materials. Which are lightweight and strong, and designed to withstand the stresses of supersonic flight;

  • cost: the estimated cost of an Overture Jet is around $200 million. However, the company claims that the operating costs will be competitive with existing subsonic aircraft. This is due to reduced flight times and higher fuel efficiency.

It’s worth noting that these specifications are subject to change. This is because Overture continues to be developed and tested.

Which airlines have already placed orders for Overture Jets

Several airlines have expressed interest in the supersonic passenger jet and signed letters of intent or memorandums of understanding with its manufacturer, Boom Supersonic. These airlines include:

  • United Airlines. In June 2021, United Airlines announced that it had signed an agreement to purchase up to 35 Overture jets;

  • Japan Airlines. In december 2020, Japan Airlines announced that it had entered into a strategic partnership with Boom Supersonic, including an order for up to 20 Overture jets;

  • American Airlines. Just after United airlines, American airlines also committed to purchasing up to 20 supersonic aircraft and has made a non-refundable down payment on those that are still in the planning stages and will take years to fly;

  • Virgin Group. In March 2019, Virgin Group announced that it had signed a non-binding agreement to purchase 10 Overture jets. With an option to purchase an additional 10.

Is Overture sustainable, and when will it be ready?

Boom’s ambition of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2025 and its strategy of inciting systematic change are the foundations of its environmental sustainability priorities. These goals are challenging but attainable.

According to Boom, it was the first commercial aviation manufacturer to start with sustainability.

The corporation claims that by 2025 and 2040, respectively, it will have achieved net-zero carbon emissions. The Overture aircraft will utilize only sustainably sourced aviation fuel to do this.

Many people are eager to board the Boom Supersonic Overture due to its projected flying times of under three and a half hours from London to New York.

However, Boom has confirmed that production will begin in 2024. And that the jet will be in production by 2025, meaning there is still a way to go before the aircraft is available to the general public.

The business says the plane should be operational by 2029. Albeit it may take an additional four years to do so.

The Overture Jet has the potential to revolutionize air travel

Blake Scholl, founder, and CEO of Boom stated: “Aviation has not experienced a significant leap in decades. With its groundbreaking design, Overture will profoundly alter the way we perceive distance.

Because the Overture Jet has the potential to revolutionize air travel by dramatically. This, by reducing flight times and making long-distance travel more accessible. According to the Boom, it’s also possible that soon, a supersonic plane might travel from Miami to London for just five hours. And from Los Angeles to Honolulu in about three.

However, the high cost of the aircraft and potential regulatory hurdles may limit its widespread adoption shortly.

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