How Meta AI, the virtual assistant of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram works

Meta is ready to launch AI across its major platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Here’s how it works, when it arrives in Italy and everything you need to know.

Meta AI, artificial intelligence and a new platform arrive

News from Meta, the company that manages Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, a new AI arrives ready to help users. This system is the basis of the Llama 3 platform and constitutes the foundation of the virtual assistant imagined by Mark Zuckerberg for the future, in which it will be integrated into devices such as glasses and bracelets.

The ultimate goal is to offer a personal assistant that can support users in daily activities, providing information and assistance in an intelligent, intuitive and revolutionary way.

How Meta AI works

After seeing what it is, let’s find out how meta AI works. It is currently already integrated into the main platforms operated by Meta, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp. Users can interact with the artificial intelligence using the search bar to obtain information on specific topics or to deepen discussions.

The virtual assistant uses artificial intelligence technologies similar to ChatGPT to answer user questions, providing text, images and videos in response to requests.

Furthermore, Meta has developed the website, where users can interact with the assistant through a simple search interface and generate content such as images.

When it will be available

Currently, Meta AI and the Llama 3 platform are available primarily in the United States and a few other countries, including Australia, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, and more.

Meta has taken an open approach to it, making Llama 3 models with 8 and 70 billion parameters available in open source mode. This means developers and researchers can access Meta’s AI models and experiment to create new applications and features.

While the 400 billion parameter version is currently in training and has not yet been released, the openness of the smaller models provides an excellent resource for the developer community.

Meta’s goal is to gradually expand the availability of Meta AI around the world, working with a wide range of cloud services and hardware companies to ensure large-scale deployment. The aim is to democratize access to advanced artificial intelligence, making it available and accessible to the widest possible audience.

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