The taxi-drone becomes a reality, by 2024 Volocopter will connect Rome and its airport

Elizabeth Smith

The taxi-drone that promises to “revolutionize” transports in Rome, Italy, has taken off for the first time. An ambitious project which, as declared by the councilor for transport, aims to become effective by 2024.

What will the “flying taxi” be used for

The flight test took place one year after the presentation of the prototype which today has become a reality that sees the first drone preparing to act as a taxi. The drone will initially be driven by a professional pilot.

Volocity, this is the name given to the aircraft, will certainly not be the definitive solution to the traffic and circulation problems affecting the italian capital, but it is certainly a further step for the intermodality of people and goods which in the future will become a widespread means.

Or at least this is the goal that led to the birth of the ambitious project, the first in Italy.

The purpose of the flying taxi project is to decongest one of the busiest and most important arteries in the city, with a view to providing a “fast and sustainable connection”.

How the taxi-drone is made

The drone taxi has two seats designed to accommodate two passengers. It flies thanks to 18 fully electric motors and features a vertical take-off and landing mode.

It also has enough autonomy to allow it to travel a hundred kilometers without any problems of any kind.

As mentioned, it will serve for a fast and sustainable connection of the airport with the city, a sort of air taxi service to which other European cities such as Paris, but also Milan, are also aiming in anticipation of the upcoming winter Olympics.

During the test, Volocity underwent a mini-trip of 5 minutes, covering a flight path at 40 km/h and at a height of 40 meters.

How much will it cost to fly aboard the taxi-drone

The connection between Rome Termini station and Fiumicino airport should last about 15/20 minutes which, if definitively confirmed, would certainly be a great convenience.

Without forgetting the fact that Volocopter is a completely green solution as, being an electric drone, it does not emit CO2.

But how much could it cost to fly over the Roman sky with Volocopter? Apparently the figure shouldn’t be particularly prohibitive. The cost of the flight for two passengers should be around 140 euros. In short, all that remains is to wait for 2024.

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