Crypto news of 2023, 4 trends predicted by investors to boost the sector

Most experienced analysts have noted 4 trends that are making their way into the Web3. Could the crypto universe be reborn in 2023? Let's find out.
crypto trends

Many of those in the crypto market will know what we are talking about, but a careful analysis is a must even for those who have missed some news.

We cannot deny that 2023 leaves behind a horrible year for the crypto industry.

Indeed, all of 2022 was punctuated by bankruptcies, bearish markets, and distrust of Web3.

Timid positive news has popped up and managed to keep afloat an industry that looked like it could sink at any moment. However, Web3 needs something more now.

Reassurances from large crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, or deals between Disney and Polygon, rather than NFTs from Porsche, are no longer enough.

Investors today want winning assets and trends to ride that can be sustainable and bullish over the long term. And, in this regard, we may be there! There are, in fact, 4 trends that are emerging as more than sustainable.

DEX, decentralized crypto exchanges

Surely someone has heard about what happened to the centralized exchange (CEX) called FTX.

It did not end well at all, and despite the struggle to recover funds and repay debts, bankruptcy forever scarred the company and the entire industry.

However, all is not lost! In the vacuum left by the CEO’s “SBF” exchange, many other companies managed to fit in, consolidating their position and growing.

This issue underscored how important the principle behind blockchain and crypto, namely decentralization and transparency, is.

All the most famous CEXs in fact, from Uniswap to Pancakeswap or dYdX are already raising funds from investors who have ditched the giant FTX.

Not yet known on par with centralized exchanges, DEXs could easily become the No. 1 choice of crypto investors in 2023.

NFT renaissance: many everyday uses

One of the technologies that still holds the most untapped potential.

We know that the NFT market has lost a lot since its peak in 2021, but there have been improvements this year that have allowed traders to regain confidence in the Non-Fungible-Token system.

Many NFTs are beginning to be used as digital tickets, passes to exclusive events, or simply as tokens tied exclusively to the owner.

The latter called “Sould-bound NFTs” are beginning to be used in business or medical settings, as they cannot be transferred in any way.

In short, cryptographic tokens are beginning to be employed in a wide variety of ways within our daily lives, and this represents a turning point in the system!

Once integrated into our lives, NFTs will become an integral part of our living. On par with, or perhaps more than, social networks.

Crypto and blockchain, real assets

Not only NFTs are part of everyday life, but also crypto assets that are developed around real-world assets.

We know that the Web3 always hides surprises, but this is hardly na of them. Real estate, art, rather than fan merchandising have long been sectors that have leveraged blockchain and crypto.

Today it is just an ever-expanding market, nothing more and nothing less. But the question remains: does it work? The answer is yes. Indeed, thanks to various protocols such as Habor, Gold Pax and Securitize that are in continuous development, we can invest in real assets turned into crypto assets.

Diversifying, accelerating transactions and having greater liquidity. Think of buying land or a house, rather than gold, simply by using cryptos and buying an NFT. Incredible, right? But it is real and it is already happening: they are called RWA (Real World Assets).

GameFi: big names in development

It is no secret that gaming has been trying to marry crypto and blockchain for a long time.

However, big companies like gamers seem anchored to the old gaming systems, not showing much openness to Web3.

This has not prevented the emergence of blockchain-based games such as Axie Infinity or Yuga Labs’ new Dookey Dash!

GameFi is now born and will continue to evolve; this is something incontrovertible.

Why? Simple. Video game companies can create a new way to make money, on par with video gamers, by leveraging the purchase and sale of exclusive collectibles or the creation of new assets within a video game.

The big names in gaming know this, an example being Square Enix’s intention to develop the industry in 2023.

Crypto predictions for 2023

Do you have an interest related to blockchain, tokens and cryptocurrencies? This seems like one of the best times to look into this. 2023 may be a year of renaissance, or at least one of consolidation.

It is hard to believe in a total market crash or new sustained declines-this could lead to the end of the entire industry! And, as we said, at least 4 growing trends look more than promising in 2023.

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