Not only Ukraine, 10 other conflicts happening in the world today

Globally, nations are still battling protracted wars, unstable economies, and the terrible effects of climate change. 
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Globally, nations are still battling protracted wars, unstable economies, and the terrible effects of climate change. Besides, peace treaties, humanitarian aid, and responsibility for transgressions of international law are just a few of the safety nets that historically kept such crises from getting out of hand. 

With hostile nations at war, flashpoints around the world appear to be growingly dangerous, increasing the possibility of mistakes that could turn into a catastrophe. 

Below is the breakdown of 10 international conflicts to watch in 2022.

10 international conflicts happening in 2022

These are the areas currently hit by war and conflicts worldwide:

1. Ukraine 

The conflict in Ukraine is the biggest in Europe since World War II and has produced one of the world’s fastest mass emigration catastrophe in decades.

Ukrainians are coping with harsh winter without access to heating, electricity water, and other necessities.

Worldwide repercussions of the conflict are being felt, as regarding to the price of gas and energy. Also, the conflict may have repercussions on food security at worldwide level, due to the grain exports limitations.

2. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is experiencing a deteriorating economic crisis since the Taliban administration took power in 2021.

As a result, severe food shortages, inflation, ongoing political unrest, and decreased international aid is taking place. The majority of the populace is currently struggling.

Also, worrying restrictions on human and women rights have been established by the Taliban government, as the recent ban for women to access university.

3. Ethiopia

The fact that Ethiopia is about to experience its sixth straight unsuccessful rainy season could extend the drought, which already affects 24 million people.

In addition, several confrontations taking place all over the nation are upsetting lives and impeding the delivery of help by humanitarian organizations

Ethiopians would go hungry as a result of drought and rising food costs if humanitarian organizations are unable to provide resources in a nation that is severely afflicted by aid funding shortages.

4. Conflicts in Yemen

The horrific conflict in Yemen might be about to get worsen. Although a ceasefire halted hostilities for a few months, it was broken in October 2022 and did not affect reducing the negative effects of violence on the economy or public health.

Currently, 2.2 million children are severely undernourished, and 80% of the inhabitants live in destitution.

5. The US – China economic conflicts

One of the few opinions held by both sides of the political spectrum in Washington is that the United States are irrevocably at odds with China.

The engagement of the United States with China throughout the years, according to American policymakers, has facilitated the growth of a rival that abuses international institutions and laws for its purposes. As U.S. policy becomes more centralized, competition with China takes on a greater significance. 

China’s increasing use of coercion against Taiwan could spark a major cross-strait conflict involving the United States and/or other regional nations.

6. Haiti

After President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in 2021, political unrest and community violence increased, and Haiti entered the top ten watchlist countries for ongoing conflict.

Haiti’s escalating political unrest and declining public safety have resulted in a worsening humanitarian catastrophe and a large-scale flight of refugees.

Armed militias frequently seize control of transportation routes, leading to a lack of fuel and everyday items. Yet, people find it more and more difficult to afford the food they can acquire. 

7. Iran vs. the United States and Israel

The likelihood of saving the Iranian nuclear deal is decreasing. If that doesn’t work, Israel or the United States may try to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

If they succeed, Tehran might rush to develop a nuclear weapon, igniting a dangerous cycle of retaliation across the Levant. 

8. Israel – Palestine conflict

Along with skirmishes in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Israeli cities, this past year saw the most damaging conflict between Israel and Gaza in just over a decade.

The escalation demonstrated once more how the present situation cannot continue. In addition to continuing to oppress Palestinians, Israel’s new administration has effectively annexed the West Bank.

9. South Sudan

Despite the civil war in South Sudan having finished in 2018, the country is still recuperating. Even if there have been fewer conflicts, there are still many small-scale conflicts. 

In fact, access to food and basic supplies is becoming more challenging as a result of climate disasters such as floods and droughts

10. Syria

Syria’s economic, political, and healthcare system has been destroyed by more than ten years of war. And the country is currently in danger of going bankrupt.

Moreover, food prices and poverty there have risen further as a result of a decade of fighting. Incredibly, 75% of Syrians today rely on humanitarian aid to cover their basic needs.

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