Extreme weather is occurring more frequently worldwide

The alarming climate change brings abrupt and extreme weather. Let us check the factor responsible for these changes.
a dark blue sky showing extreme weather

Can you imagine a world where the weather changed like the mood? In the last sixty years, horrific rain and snow storms have become 24% more frequent. This is highly alarming. In the past fifteen years, America has seen more wildfires than before. The world is developing and drowning at the same time. Life as we know it did not stay the same and will not remain the same.

In a world governed by the rules of “Survival of the fittest,” it seems very horrific when you look at the extreme weather occurrences worldwide. There are so many horrifying weather facts. Let us understand the reasons behind the same in detail. 

What are the responsible factors behind these extreme weather occurrences?

There are numerous factors that have resulted in these extreme weather conditions. They deteriorate the environment in a way that both climate and weather change. We have narrowed it down to these four main factors. We have listed these below:

1. Global warming

Global warming literally means when the globe is getting heated up. This results in increasing the intensity of heat waves. This phenomenon starts making the weather of both days and nights warmer. The temperature begins increasing because the heat waves surrounding us are more intense.

Now, because the temperature has risen, there will be more evaporation and transpiration, increasing the drought tendency. More dry fields mean more dry forests, which will catch fire quickly. This will increase the wildfire now, and the cycle of vicious weather conditions will start. Global warming is considered the reason behind many more issues. 

The atmosphere near the oceans is also warmer because of global warming. This increases the span of hurricanes in both size and time. This will also mean that they will be creating more rainfall which can pose an extreme threat. Global Warming is also a reason that the sea level is rising. This results in coastal storms. 

2. Climate crisis

Climate crisis comprises all the heinous reasons which result in the clownery of climate, and it’s being changed and altered unreasonably. Raining in summer when it is not supposed to rain can damage the crops, the farms, and many more seasonal production activities.

Our whole society is planned around seasons. When these seasons start changing because of the unreasonable change in the climate, our primary planning is destroyed. This leads to an acute loss of limited resources we have. 

These are not the only consequences of the climate crisis. The climate crisis also results in intense droughts, water availability loss, more floods, storms, severe forest fires, melting glaciers of poles, and a huge decline in biodiversity. All these factors result in the change of weather in extreme form. People around the globe who knowingly do not engage in the addition of climate crisis feel the worst brunt of it. climate crisis results in more typhoons in USA and Japan. 

3. Flood and drought

In 2021, some of the most common news about the environment has been new floods and droughts around the globe. The more horrific part is the crisis that they have left behind them. In numbers, over the last twenty years, three billion people have been affected by floods and drought in terms of both human suffering and economic crisis.

When the temperature of the globe increases, the atmospheric moisture capacity rises. This is the main reason behind heavy rains, which turn into overflowing rivers and dams and floods in the worst case. But the same is the reason why draughts increase. 

In the areas with already lesser amounts of water, when the temperature rises and the capacity of the atmosphere to hold moisture rises, more evaporation happens there. This means lesser water, which turns into drought in the worst case. It is getting harder and harder to find a region where drought or floods will not hit in the next coming years. 

4. Heavy rainfall

The increase in temperature, as we previously, result in the increase of moisture holding in the atmosphere, which results in more evaporation.

Now consider this: there are clouds in the sky filled with water, sometimes twice or thrice as they would normally hold. They start raining. The volume and the time span of these rains are bound to increase dramatically. This means heavier rainfall. This will even result in floods sometime. But they would also destroy crops, and a lot of farmers all over the globe, especially in developing countries, fall victim to this.

The change in the environment, even if it is just rain, does not only affect the environment. It affects every living creature on the planet. It affects the rich, the poor, and the medium class altogether. 

How are these factors affecting different geographical locations

If the global temperature increases by 3 degrees Celsius, the probability of these extreme conditions happening will increase five times in some parts of the globe. The current studies show that even the Paris Agreement will not be able to save the world from all the global crises.

World leaders of WHO and UN believe that we need to change both the goals and ways that we are approaching the climate and weather crisis right now with. The global climate continues to warm, and as a result, these extreme conditions will only increase. 

Nighttime temperatures have been increasing at a rate that has never been seen before. Across 90 percent of the studied areas, the research suggests, these records may succeed by five times around half of Europe and one-fourth of East Asia.

Are there solutions to the climate crisis?

The factors that are affecting extreme weather occurrences are not going anywhere so soon. But some solutions can be done. The global world needs to change, and governments of countries individually have to increase and scale up their mechanisms in response to these factors in their long-term plans.

This needs innovation and risk management to find a way to counter uncertainty, reduce duplication, and make more efficient use of public resources. In general, we can all help by being more eco-friendly in daily life.

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