US embassy in Moscow, “Americans should leave Russia immediately”: risk of terrorism and unlawful detentions

Washington's embassy in Moscow has asked American citizens who are in Russia to leave the country immediately and others to avoid traveling there.
us embassy moscow

The note, released by the website of the diplomatic office in the Russian capital, warns about the embassy’s ”limited ability to assist U.S. citizens in Russia.”

US citizens could ”be arrested by Russian government security officials”. And local law could be ”arbitrarily applied against them”, cites the note.

US embassy warns Americans to leave Russia immediately

Washington’s embassy in Moscow has asked American citizens who are in Russia to leave the country immediately. And others to avoid traveling there.

This is according to a note posted on the website of the US Embassy in the Russian capital. Which says to ”do not travel to Russia because of the unpredictable consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. U.S. citizens living or located in Russia should leave the country immediately”.

Washington’s embassy in Moscow also warns that ”US citizens could be arrested by Russian government security officials” and local law could be ”arbitrarily applied against them.”

The risks the American embassy warns about

The diplomatic office also warns of a possible ”restriction of flights in and out of Russia”. And fears a ”limited ability of the embassy to assist U.S. citizens in Russia.”

It also cites the risk of ”terrorism” for which greater ”caution should be exercised because of the risk of unlawful detentions.”

The website of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow then states that ”the ability of the US government to provide routine or emergency services to US citizens in Russia is severely limited. This, particularly in areas away from the US Embassy in Moscow, due to Russian government restrictions on travel.”

In addition, ”US citizens should note that US credit and debit cards no longer work in Russia. And that options for electronically transferring funds from the United States are extremely limited due to sanctions imposed on Russian banks. There are reports of liquidity shortages in Russia.”

Russian invasion of Ukraine, the latest news

In the meantime, the Russian military forces are intensifying their offensive in Ukraine. This, despite heavy losses reported in the Russian army.

British intelligence explains that in the past two weeks “Russia has suffered probably the highest rate of casualties among its forces since the beginning of the invasion.” Ukrainian reports speak of 824 casualties per day.

On the Ukrainian front, the bombing on Ukrainian cities and civilian infrastructure targets do not stop. At least one civilian lost his life overnight in Kherson in the Russian attack that targeted the railway line and five areas of the city.

Ukrainian broadcaster Suspilne reports this, adding that the Russian attack prevented trains from Lviv and Kiev from reaching Kherson today. The tracks were damaged, so trains are forced to stop in Mykolaiv, where travelers continue by bus to Kherson.

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