Twitter changes logo, from the Blue Bird to an ‘X’: here is why

The rebranding imposed by Musk has had its first effects. Twitter's logo changes and becomes an X.
twitter x

The rebranding process desired and imposed by Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, has begun. According to the multimillionaire, this is the first step towards the transformation of the social network that will lead it into a super app in a short time.

Apparently the little blue bird did not adapt to such a transformation. The worker removing the logo from the San Francisco headquarters is the first step towards this transformation.

The new X logo: necessary transformation

Everything is ready, the transformation is underway. Musk is revolutionising social media and reiterates his principles regarding the acquisition he has made. His main aim is to guarantee freedom of expression, but he also reiterates the mission behind his ownership, that of starting a process to create X, the app for everything.

This, then, is why Twitter is on its way to becoming a super app. First of all, the name. According to Musk, it made sense when posts had a 140-character limit, which was well associated with the chirps of the little bird. Now, however, anything can be shared on Twitter, in addition to much longer posts, even videos lasting several hours.

The new functions of Twitter

Musk also reiterated his intention to expand the app to include a range of financial services, saying that he would add ‘comprehensive communications and the ability to manage the entire financial world’ in the near future (a few months, probably).

In short, the name Twitter is no longer suitable, as it does not reflect the new objectives of the platform. For this reason, the executive chairman of X Corp is saying goodbye to the little bird.

Now, however, after this elucidation, everything is much clearer. Twitter is morphing into something completely different, while holding firm to its principles of freedom of expression, something Musk wants to defend at all costs.

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Twitter adds X and becomes super app

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of the company, explained that X Twitter will be a real super app that will also make use of artificial intelligence. The platform will allow video sharing as well as audio and messaging. Payment and banking services will also be available, making it a true super app on which one can do anything, or almost anything.

There is no shortage of sceptics. In fact, there are those who wonder whether it was not a rather risky decision to change a well-established brand. The chirping of the blue bird has become part of the collective imagination and it could be a mistake to cancel this tradition. Some advertisers are worried about this change and fear that it will alienate users from the platform.

There are also those who fear that the change might even interfere with their listings, producing no small disadvantages. In short, Musk’s operation seems rather strange, or at least singular. To pay 44 billion to acquire a product and then radically change it? For what reason?

In short, Twitter is preparing for an epoch-making change, while its new owner continues to turn it inside out. Will it be a success, or will this whole transformation operation turn against it? Posterity will have to be the judge of that.

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