All the rumours about “X”, the new super app by Elon Musk: how it will be and when it is expected

After trying to buy Twitter again for $ 44 billion, today the entrepreneur who owns Tesla and SpaceX reveals the real purpose behind such an enormous acquisition.
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Elon Musk is definitely known – as well as for his revolutionary inventions – also for his particular whims: from the proposed acquisition of Twitter, promptly withdrawn and which gave rise to a legal battle to the sound of billions, today we go again with a new announcement.

After trying again to buy Twitter for the modest sum of $ 44 billion, today the entrepreneur who owns Tesla and SpaceX reveals the real purpose behind such a mammoth acquisition.

Elon Musk: “Buying Twitter is an accelerator to create X, the app for everything”

A statement that has piqued the curiosity of many, curiosities that for now have not been satisfied in any way by Musk who would have simply diverted the conversation on Twitter, calling it an accelerator – which in “startuppese” means a specific program to support businesses.

However, according to third-party rumors, in a conference with Twitter employees Elon Musk had hinted at a “super app”, which included several functions similar to those of WeChat, already in use in China.

WeChat is known as a real “big brother’s eye” for those who live outside China: with its over one billion active users every month, here it is possible to take advantage of the functions of WhatsApp, Facebook, Steam and Satispay.

An idea therefore not entirely innovative, as was expected from a visionary entrepreneur like Musk.

The meaning of the letter “X” in Musk’s inventions

The letter “X” is also back, which has always been present in all of Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial adventures since, in 1999 at the age of 28, he invested the proceeds from the sale of his very first startup to create, perhaps the first completely online banking institution.

The boom of at the time heralded the great success of almost all of Musk’s business ventures: in just two months, users of the revolutionary banking system had reached over 100,000.

Online bank then merged into Cofinity, a move that made the entrepreneur even richer and free to move into new adventures: in fact, Cofinity had the opportunity to buy in one fell swoop, in 2002, PayPal and eBay, two services that smelled of success. In fact, the profit here was over $ 180 million.

The letter X therefore appears to have a particular meaning for Musk, so much so as to push him to take back the old domain in 2017 by buying it from PayPal for a sum not yet revealed to the public.

A whim, because apparently the entrepreneur would not have had any intention of exploiting the newly acquired domain, simply replacing it with a blank page containing a single, tiny X in the center.

“I’m glad I got back, but I have no idea what to do with it. In reality, it has only a great emotional value for me ”.

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Three new holdings to bring together Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX

The new holdings created by the entrepreneur – called “XHoldings”, however, reveal a different attachment to the letter. A meaning still to be discovered, but the clues are given by the fact that Musk has taken this action after making the offer to Twitter for the purchase of the popular app, which he thought he would merge right here together with Tesla and SpaceX.

Finally, according to some rumors, the New York Times has received a preview of the business plan of an exclusive product called “X”, whose launch is scheduled for 2023. We will keep you updated as soon as we know something more!

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