Donald Trump’s most shocking phrases during his mandate as president

Elizabeth Smith

A few months before the new elections for the White House in November 2024, which see the outgoing president Joe Biden and the former president Donald Trump among the most likely candidates, after examining President Biden’s most famous gaffes, let’s instead see what the most shocking and controversial phrases uttered by the Tycoon.

In fact, former President Trump is also famous for his over-the-top communication, with several phrases that brought many problems to his presidency.

On the Mexican wall

On 8 July 2015 Trump spoke about the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, one of his strong points already in his electoral campaign. He defines immigrants as people who “bring drugs, bring crime. They are rapists.”

More than a year later, on September 1, 2016, the then presidential candidate returned to the topic again. Thus declaring that “Mexico will pay for the wall”.

On relationships with women

“When you’re famous you can do whatever you want to women. Take them for a ride, everything”, were Trump’s words revealed by a recording of the program Access Hollywood in October 2016 and dating back to 2005.

After the diffusion of the audio the tycoon defended himself, apologizing: “I said it, I made a mistake, I apologize. I never said I was perfect…I will be a better man in the future.”

Global warming denialism

Throughout his entire mandate, Trump has never hidden his denial of global warming. Which he defined as a “hoax” invented by the Chinese to “cripple” the American economy. In his first year in the White House he also removed climate change from his security priorities.

Also in 2017, on December 29th, he tweeted: “It’s freezing in New York. We could use some of that global warming”. Thus provoking scientists from all over the world who have been studying the risks linked to climate change for years.

Against the mayor of London Khan

The mayor of London is a loser,” Trump tweeted on June 3, 2019, during his official visit to the United Kingdom. Relations between Sadiq Khan and the president have always been quite tense.

Already in 2017, one of the tenant’s sons of the White House, Donald Trump Jr, referring to the terrorist attacks that occurred in London, had attacked the mayor of the English capital for an old interview in which he had declared that “terrorist attacks are part of living in a big city”.

On Coronavirus and vaccines

On February 10, 2020, at the beginning of what would become the coronavirus pandemic, Trump declared that “viruses usually disappear in April. The heat kills them.”

Only a few months later, on April 24, 2020, another sentence of his was reported by the media around the world. “Can’t we inject disinfectant to kill the virus?“, asked the American president.

It is from May 19, 2020, instead, the shock statement on infections. “Does the USA have the highest number of infections? It’s an honor, our tests are better”, announced the occupant of the White House.

Before the assault on the Capitol

On September 30, 2020, Trump addressed the Proud boys, a group of white supremacist supporters of the president, inciting them to “take a step back” and be “ready”.

On November 29, after the results of the presidential elections which gave victory to his challenger Biden, the tycoon says that “it was the most rigged elections ever“.

Finally, on January 6, 2021, a few hours before the assault on Capitol Hill, the president declared: “We will march on the Capital, and I will march alongside you. We will never take the country back with weakness”.

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