The 10 major secret services agencies worldwide: an overview

Discover the world's most powerful and secretive agencies. Read our overview of the top 10 major secret services agencies worldwide now.
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The world of espionage has always been incredible and intriguing – full of secrets, mystery, danger, and adventure. But behind the veil of secrecy lies the everyday work done by some of the most advanced secret services agencies in the world. 

Top 10 major secret services agencies

These are the top 10 major such secret services agencies that operate worldwide with an overview of their founding, headquarters, and a brief description of their purpose. 

1. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), USA  

Founded in: 1947 

Headquarters: Virginia

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent US government agency responsible for providing intelligence and counterintelligence to the US President, senior US government leaders, and policy makers. It is also the top organisation in charge of compiling and examining data on foreign countries, businesses, and people. 

2. Military Intelligence, Section 6 (MI6), UK 

Founded in: 1908 

Headquarters: London 

Military Intelligence, Section 6 (MI6) is the British government’s foreign intelligence agency responsible for providing advice to the British government on matters of national security. It also serves as a link between UK agencies and international organizations. MI6 has an array of operations that include counter-terrorism, cyber warfare, reconnaissance, espionage and intelligence gathering.

3. Mossad – Israël 

Founded in: 1949 

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel 

Mossad is the national intelligence agency of Israël responsible for intelligence collection, counter-terrorism, covert operations and special activities abroad. It also works to protect Israeli interests in the face of threats from abroad.

4. Research and Analysis Wing – India 

Founded in: 1968 

Headquarters: New Delhi, India 

The Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), India’s top foreign intelligence organization, is in charge of giving the government of India strategic information about issues pertaining to national security. It also performs counter-terrorism, espionage and research operations abroad. 

5. Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), Australia 

Founded in: 1952 

Headquarters: Canberra, Australia 

Australia’s foreign intelligence organization, the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), is in charge of gathering foreign intelligence, carrying out counterterrorism operations, and advising the Australian government on matters of foreign policy. 

6. Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canada 

Founded in: 1984 

Headquarters: Ottawa, Ontario 

The main espionage organization in Canada, the Canadian Security espionage Service (CSIS), is in charge of gathering, evaluating, and reporting on security threats to the nation.

It also provides intelligence reports to other Canadian government departments and agencies.  

7. Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure (DGSE), France 

Founded in: 1982 

Headquarters: Paris, France 

The Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure (DGSE) is the French external intelligence agency responsible for gathering, analyzing, and disseminating foreign intelligence to the French government. It also works to protect France’s interests abroad and prevent terrorist attacks on French soil. 

8. Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany 

Founded in: 1956 

Headquarters: Pullach near Munich, Germany 

The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) is Germany’s foreign intelligence agency responsible for gathering foreign intelligence and providing advice to the German government on matters related to security. It also monitors international developments and provides analysis of political, economic and technological trends

9. Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna (AISE), Italy 

Founded in: 2007

Headquarters: Rome, Italy 

The Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna (AISE) is the Italian intelligence agency responsible for gathering foreign intelligence and providing analysis to assist the Italian government in making foreign policy decisions. It also works to protect Italian interests abroad and prevent terrorism on Italian soil. 

10. National Intelligence Organization (MIT), Turkey 

Founded in: 1965 

Headquarters: Ankara, Turkey 

The National Intelligence Organization (MIT) is the primary intelligence agency of Turkey responsible for gathering foreign intelligence, conducting counter-intelligence operations and providing analysis to the Turkish government. It also works to prevent terrorist attacks and protect national security. 

Intelligence agencies, their relevance today

These are only some of the top intelligence agencies around the world who work tirelessly to protect their countries from external threats and ensure that national security is maintained at all times. Intelligence gathering is a powerful tool that allows governments to make informed decisions and policies for the benefit of their people. It is an invaluable asset in today’s world. 

No matter how powerful or sophisticated these intelligence agencies may be, they cannot do it alone – international cooperation and collaboration are key to tackling global security threats. Sharing information and resources between countries can help mitigate the risk of conflict and ultimately, help keep the world safe.

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