Tamadoge Coin, 3 reasons to buy the crypto that could surpass even Shiba Inu

Are you familiar with Tamadoge? It is a cryptocurrency that is being talked about a lot and could be a good choice. Here's why.

Are you familiar with Tamadoge? It is a cryptocurrency that is being talked about a lot and could be a good choice for our portfolio. Here are the 3 main reasons.

The $TAMA token has been heavily targeted by big investors, but also by retail traders.

The results at the moment are incredible with a fundraising that has already yielded over $19 million. And, a growing interest from the community.

This makes it very attractive for all those who want to buy cryptocurrencies, but don’t want to jump on the more ‘inflated’ ones that are not exactly experiencing a golden period.

One aspect of the appeal of this new project is that it combines the aesthetics of the virtual currency with the popular Play-to-Earn (P2E) video game genre. $TAMA is in fact the meme coin prize of the upcoming Tamadoge NFT pet game.

Let’s delve a little deeper to find out the 3 reasons why it might be a good idea to buy it.

What is a meme coin?

Bitcoin, Ethereum or Polkadot are not meme coins, but Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are.

To understand where the difference lies, one simply needs to understand that the former came into existence with a precise and detailed plan behind them. While the latter came into existence initially as a homage to a video game or a simple image and even as a simple joke.

Tamadoge Coin represents a meme coin, although we understand that it is slightly different. The interesting thing is the profit potential that some of them have. Indeed, meme coins are not used for who knows what, quite the contrary.

However, Web3 investors cannot always stay away from these ‘bizarre’ investments. This is because these virtual coins can be highly profitable in short periods, resulting in sometimes unbelievable gains.

Tamadoge coin: what is it?

This is the rising star of the meme coin.

Unlike other digital currencies of its type, it is based on a project right from the start. The establishment of a P2E (Play-to-Earn) type of video game, promising that everyone will want to play it, with a fair amount of acceptance from web users.

Tamadoge is a project based on the Tamaverse’s native crypto $TAMA, where we will be able to coin, breed and fight particular ‘pets’ within this metaverse.

These Tamadoge will be nothing more than NFTs, bred, trained and made to fight each other allowing us to reach the top of the leaderboard every single month. Over time the opportunities to earn by playing will expand to include augmented reality experiences, allowing your NFT to play with their friends in the Tamaverse and more.

Tamadoge: a cryptocurrency against inflation

If we look again at the two most famous meme coins, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, we will notice that their numbers have increased over the years. Not containing the rampant inflation of recent months.

In contrast to these two, however, $TAMA has set the mintage limit at 2 billion tokens. This, ensuring that over time this number will be reduced, possibly increasing in value.

The team admitted that 5% of the $TAMA coins used in the platform will be destroyed. Making it a good opportunity against inflation.

Tamadoge: 0 commissions with $TAMA

The third and final reason to consider buying Tamadoge Coin is the cost for the transactions.

While some blockchains and various Web3 projects charge commissions to users using the related cryptocurrency, those using $TAMA will not have to pay anything.

Those who buy or sell within the Tamaverse with native crypto will not have to worry about having to pay exchange rates to the platform. It has zero cost.

Incidentally, we can even win $TAMA for free thanks to an initiative of the platform.

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