Big Eyes Coin, the most successful meme coin? 6 reasons to buy it

Want to expand your crypto wallet? Here are 6 reasons why you should buy Big Eyes Coin and its new and promising features.
big eyes coin

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, it is good to do an analysis at the dawn of the launch, during the so-called presale. This allows one to buy cryptocurrencies at discounted prices before the boom after the market launch.

An example was Dogecoin, Elon Musk’s favourite, and Shiba Inu, a copy of the former capable of making investors realise as much as +1,000% on their invested capital.

Today, another meme-coin to keep an eye on is Tamadoge Coin, but the presale phase is practically over, showing great success as predicted by crypto traders within the communities.

Today, however, there is another opportunity on the horizon for daring investors and it is called Big Eyes Coin.

This latest meme-coin has completed its second presale phase and is heading into its third, but there are high hopes that it could surpass even $DOGE and $SHIB. So here are 6 reasons to consider a possible purchase.

Big Eyes Coin, the crypto for charity

The up-and-coming cryptocurrency comes with a (anime-version) fish-loving cat. In this regard, Big Eyes Coin is promoting some charitable initiatives, one above all for the benefit of our oceans.

It seems, in fact, that the cat meme-coin has every interest in improving our ecosystem and safeguarding marine environments in particular, an aspect on which it is particularly insistent among users.

The network promotes the preservation of our planet by donating 5% of profits to charities that aim to save our seas, but that’s not all! Even $1,000 has already been donated to the Luna Children’s charity and new charitable pledges are expected around the world.

Big Eyes Coin, a green cryptocurrency

As if that were not enough, another reason to consider buying Big Eyes Coin is always about ecology and environmental protection.

In particular, the meme-coin does not operate like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu with Proof of Work. They work with Proof of Stake, exploiting the Ethereum network.

This makes it a cryptocurrency that tends to be green, since the PoS validation system can cut energy consumption by up to 99%! A big step forward that, in the era of decarbonisation, pushes it a lot. If you are green, you absolutely cannot underestimate these details.

Big Eyes Coin, Defi project and community incentives

Usually meme-coin based projects have no clear objectives, let alone any utility.

The network behind Big Eyes Coin offers Defi applications so that users can have more control over their transactions and more secure wallets where they can deposit their cryptocurrencies.

All this is offered as an incentive for users to have applications that $DOGE and $SHIB do not offer.

Having one or more reasons to use one or more cryptocurrencies is always better than only taking advantage of strong speculation. Definitely a point in favour of $BIG!

DAO for the meme-coin

One of the goals of cryptocurrencies has always been to offer significant decentralisation to network users.

What Big Eyes Coin does is set up a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) so that all network participants have the opportunity to vote and make decisions on the system.

This gives the cat-based crypto a well-distributed control of the network that should prevent the power grab of one or more individuals.

NFT project and clear objectives

In contrast to the usual meme-coins, this new crypto comes with effective benefits for all users.

The sustainable objective (based on the project’s white paper and road map) is to create wealth for network users by supporting an ecosystem that can sustain itself.

To do this, in addition to the functionality of the blockchain, Big Eyes Coin proposes to exploit NFTs!

These will be part of the project and will allow along the way to earn money in a different way, guaranteeing other ways of profit and aiming to further increase the notoriety of the platform with a consequent increase in the value of the respective Non-Fungible-Token.

Having said this, we turn to the last reason that could be decisive in evaluating a possible purchase of the crypto in question. In case you are still in doubt.

Big Eyes Coin, second phase finished: a great success

A few days ago, phase 2 of the blockchain project ended. The presale earnings to date have been very encouraging, recording a value of USD 3.24 million.

Traders are also convinced that Big Eyes Coin, for all the additional functionalities that Dogecoin and Shiba Inu did not have, for the scalability of the business and a green character, can also perform amazingly well!

With the start of the third phase, we are thus getting closer to the official launch, which should take place before 2023.

Big Eyes Coin was not born as a copy, on the contrary, it stands out for its very strong character and a series of features already listed that make it, in fact, one of the most interesting possible investments of the moment.

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