6 incredible cryptocurrencies you don’t know yet for great investments in the Web3

Elizabeth Smith

The cryptocurrency market is going through a bad period and it is useless to say otherwise. Any Web3 fan or expert knows that this industry has experienced an incredible rally in 2021, but 2022 was by no means a year of growth, in fact there have been many steps backwards. Plus, volatility reigned supreme more than ever.

However, although the global situation is rather complicated, there are still some cryptocurrencies in which it is worth investing, managing to get information in the best way and as often as possible, to be able to find perhaps another golden opportunity.

We have learned over time that the crypto market is cyclical, always offering opportunities to the most patient investors.

Many traders, however, do not want to wait for the market to recover to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum at their peak, but seem to want to know new opportunities to be able to find the new crypto with extraordinary performance.

Yearn.Finance, here is Defi’s most popular crypto

Currently the price at which YFI Coin can be purchased is 8,442.32 USD.

Since the birth of this platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, the team (led by the one and only Andre Cronje) has come a long way, becoming one of the 10 largest Defi networks in the world!

It leverages a practice commonly called “yield farming”, where users lock crypto assets in a DeFi protocol to earn more cryptocurrencies. The more resources users lock into a platform, the more tokens are assigned by the protocols.

LoopRing, the trending token

A crypto with a low price, but very interesting, LRC is worth 0.31 USD.

This is an attractive option for those who want to expand their portfolio for less than $ 1!

LoopRing operates on Ethereum and aims to incentivize a global network of users to manage a platform that enables the creation of new types of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Specifically, LoopRing claims that its platform will allow those who trade money on it to evade the low speeds and high costs associated with DEXs on Ethereum through the use of a new type of cryptography.

Faster transactions than those that take place on Ethereum and simpler operations for government entities, such as verifying that you are of age without having to specify your date of birth.

Fantom, incredibly fast transactions

This is an investment to be evaluated, but which could prove to be very profitable in the coming years.

Fantom is a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) that has been enjoying enormous success in recent years, despite having a virtual currency that regulates the network with an attractive price, about 0.22 USD.

In 2022 it represents one of the largest blockchain projects in the world and aims to build an increasingly secure and reliable Ethereum-compatible network that aims to distribute dApps.

Its operation is based on Staking, therefore it is also proposed as inexpensive from an energy point of view.

ApeCoin, exclusive crypto

It is one of the most exclusive cryptocurrencies ever, thanks to its relationship with the niche NFT project The Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The price of the crypto is 5.34 USD, a fairly low value compared to the growth potential it possesses.

This is because the whole exclusive world of NFT The Bored Ape revolves around Apecoin and the metaverse now increasingly close to launch that could have a huge impact on the digital currency that regulates it.

Between merchandising and all the success of these tokens, might it not be worth having it in your wallet?

LuckyBlock in trend with the Gamefi

This other option is perhaps the least expensive of all the cryptocurrencies listed.

LuckyBlock proposes itself as a blockchain-based videogame platform where everyone is destined to win. But what does it mean?

Well it operates on Binance Smart Chain and was listed to the delight of the community this July 27, 2022 on the LBank exchange.

Between games, draws and daily prizes it offers a wide range of opportunities to earn cryptocurrencies! It might be interesting to evaluate the purchase at the price of 0.00040 USD.

Battle Infinity overwhelms the Metaverse

IBAT, at a price of 0.0029 USD, is certainly one of those cryptocurrencies to consider among our possible investments.

The mission of Battle Infinity, based on blockchain, is already overwhelming in India, but the whole world is curiously observing this new metaverse based Play-to-Earn where everyone can play for money.

Several features and many games available, but above all a strong growing community that shows no sign of losing the news of the developer team. What do you think, is it worth it?

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