SEO for the Metaverse, how the marketing world will evolve

Elizabeth Smith

Technology is evolving with more and more speed and this has a great impact on people’s private and working live. In this case, the two main topics are SEO and metaverse.

The metaverse is a virtual dimension of the world, almost like a video game in real life, and the bearer of this innovation is the founder of Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg.

Many marketers are studying how to make the best out of it in terms of visibility, kind of like what Google has been trying to do all these years with SEO. Let’s see what it’s all about.

Metaverse optimization: VEO

Despite huge expectations, at the moment the metaverse has not been as successful as hoped and in a short time the spotlight has shifted to artificial intelligence, especially ChatGPT. But, it remains a reality of definite interest and still with a lot of possibilities for development, which is why it is also appealing to marketers.

The acronym for this new optimization is Virtual Environment Optimization. One has to consider that because of the pandemic there has been a hyperbolic growth in the demand for purchasing online and e-commerce.

This fact has greatly influenced the development of this new technology. Especially the target audience is all those who belong to the new generations, namely Millenials and GenZ.

Certainly this new development challenges the monopoly of positioning carried on for so many years by Google with SEO, but it is still too early to make predictions.

The strength of the metaverse lies in its ability to provide a total immersion experience for the user and engage them on a sensory level.

Virtual optimization consists mainly of taking care of the visuals and the audio department, since they are crucial to providing a good user experience. Audio will play a particularly important role in the metaverse, especially with regard to voice search.

The “SEO” of voice search

One factor that is gaining increasing importance in the discourse of SEO and VEO optimization is voice search.

Technology has made great strides in this regard as well, think of examples such as Siri, Cortanta, Google Assistant, and as of late Alexa.

Voice search engine optimization can go by two different names:

  • VSO acronym for Voice Search Optimization;

  • VEO, which stands for Vocal Engine Optimization (not to be confused with Virtual Environment Optimization, i.e., metaverse optimization).

The goal is always to improve the user experience and allow pages to rank well in the Vocal Engine Result Search Output (VERSO).

Let’s say it is like a kind of SERP for voice search. The strategic power of voice search lies in unearthing quality prospects who are aware of what they want and converting them to purchase.

Of course, it also depends on what kind of funnel is implemented and what the stage of the journey may be. Therefore, to summarize, in SEO, primarily query typing prevails, while in metaverse and VEO, voice search becomes of paramount importance.

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