Putin threatens the West: Russian Northern Fleet deployed in the Baltic Sea with an arsenal of nuclear weapons

Putin threatens the world again. Russia has deployed the notorious Northern Fleet in the Baltic Sea, and NATO bloc countries are seriously concerned.
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Vladimir Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons is becoming more and more concrete. Russia has deployed the notorious Northern Fleet in the Baltic Sea, and NATO bloc countries are seriously concerned.

Meanwhile, Moscow’s troops are still advancing in Bakhmut, Ukraine, despite strenuous resistance.

Putin threatens use of nuclear weapons: the Northern Fleet sails in the Baltic Sea

The Russian Northern Fleet has been equipped with a huge arsenal of military weapons and sails the waters of the Baltic Sea. During the Cold War, maritime unit outings were certainly nothing new. But from the 1990s to the present, the Northern Fleet had stopped traveling.

With the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, however, Russian naval vessels have resumed sailing in the waters of the Baltic Sea. Thus, putting pressure on neighboring states. And demonstrating that Putin is already on the warpath in case of an alleged attack or offensive support on the Ukrainian front.

It was the Norwegian intelligence that intercepted the ships and warned the whole of Europe and the world. According to analysts, the behavior of the president of the Russian Federation is a serious threat that should not be underestimated as the conflict could then spread from Ukraine to the rest of the world.

Shaking in the face of the Northern Fleet, however, are two nations in particular that are not members of NATO. Namely, Sweden and Finland. In the event of an attack, however, European countries would be unlikely to stand by since both nations are associate NATO members.

It is unclear how far Putin wants to go. And whether there is a mere threat or a willingness to take concrete action behind this gesture. In case of an attack by the Northern Fleet, the consequences would be extremely catastrophic as it would be a nuclear attack.

Fighting continues in Bakhumt: Russians advance but Ukrainians resist

Back in Ukraine, troops are advancing although the war has been in a stalemate since the fall of 2022. The city where the fighting is getting more intense is currently Bakhmut. There, the Russians have been trying to put up their flag for months.

The offensive is getting more and more violent. But, the Ukrainian military is not giving up and is putting up a strenuous and almost desperate resistance. According to the Guardian newspaper, the destruction of a bridge by Kiev forces near the city would signal an imminent retreat.

Using the term imminent is perhaps a bit hasty. This, given that British intelligence sources speak of tremendous difficulty on the part of the Russian military in capturing the town of Bakhmut.

In contrast, John Kirby, spokesman for the United States of America National Security Council, spoke of Russian military advances in Bakhmut. Nevertheless, should the city fall, it would not be a serious problem as it would not have a strategic impact on the ongoing conflict.

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