Russia starts recruiting women: what will be their role in the war in Ukraine

Elizabeth Smith

Not only men, perhaps recalled even after years of leave or very young men of military age. But also women to try to help Russia in the war against Ukraine that has been going on for more than a year and a half.

This is the decision taken by the Kremlin, with Moscow reportedly beginning to recruit women for its army as well, new forces to be sent to Ukraine on a six-month contract and pay-indemnity in case of injury or death in the field. But what will be their task?

Women at arms, not just experts

Up to now the front line was almost entirely the preserve of men, with some women present, however, in the role of doctors, nurses or cooks.

Now, however, the fairer sex may no longer be so for Moscow and its environs, with the Kremlin opening up recruitment of women into the Russian army to lend a hand in Ukraine.

The war, which recently exceeded 600 days, has been going on for a long time against all odds for Moscow, which hoped to get the better of Kiev within a short time.

But this has not been the case, with the Russians meeting Ukrainian resistance that even today, more than a year and a half after the invasion in February 2022, manages to hold battlefield positions despite many difficulties.

Difficulties that, against all odds, have also come within the Russian ranks, with numerous servicemen lost in the field and the army now fatigued in a war situation that sees peace a long way off. Reason why the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has reportedly opened up recruitment of women for the army, experienced with weapons and beyond.

Unveiling the call was the Ukrainian website Ukrianska Pravda, which pointed out that the military company Redut, contracted by the Russian ministry itself, had started recruiting.

Call, as mentioned, aimed at trained and weapons-savvy women. But not only that because if the candidates do not have the skills to handle weapons, they are promised that they will be trained “in temporarily occupied Donetsk.”

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What women will do at the front

Recruitment was initiated with a clear message-spot: “Create not only for the kitchen and children.” The call to arms, of course, is followed by compensation, with a six-month contract with a monthly salary of 220 thousand rubles, about 2,300 euros. And with a bonus, in case of injury in the field, of between one and 3 million rubles and in case of death, for heirs, of 5 million.

But what will the women do at the front? According to iStories, which contacted Redut pretending to be interested in recruiting, the roles the company wants to fill with female personnel are sniper and drone operators. Important, sometimes remote roles, but they hide quite a few pitfalls.

The female recruits, who will later be included in the Moscow Army that Vladimir Putin wants to strengthen, will join the more than 39,000 women already in the Russian Armed Forces.

Who, however, as mentioned, have “secondary” roles at the front as doctors, nurses or cooks. At the moment it is estimated that there could be at least 1,100 women ready to enlist, but considering the opening to the “untrained” the numbers could grow.

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