OpenAI launches the Bug Bounty Program: rewards up to $20,000 for bug finders on ChatGPT

Elizabeth Smith

OpenAi has launched the Bug Bounty Program. This is a rewards program aimed at those who detect bugs and system errors in ChatGPT. Here’s how it works and what financial rewards it provides.

OpenAi, the creator company of ChatGPT seems to be firmly intent on solving some critical security issues. And to do so, it has issued a particular appeal to ethical hackers and experts around the world.

Here is what it is about in detail.

OpenAi, rewards for those who find ChatGPT bugs and errors

OpenAi certainly seems to want to fix some critical issues that have not failed to cause discussion since the digital intelligence software was born.

Of course, one wonders how it is possible for an AI company to have to resort to “outside” help. Rather than rely on an in-house technical team.

In any case, ethical hackers and security experts have been called in to identify bugs, errors and system fallacies.

The goal is to reduce as much as possible the vulnerabilities the system has. Thus including the answer fallacy and privacy issues from user data.

Developers, code experts or simple enthusiasts will then be able to report any bugs by receiving varying rewards depending on the level of “severity” of the error detected.

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From $200 to $20,000 in rewards, how to report ChatGPT bugs

Reports of any bugs identified can be made through the Bugcrowd platform, which is not new to initiatives of this kind.

The program launched by OpenAi, the Bug Bounty Program, provides varying rewards depending on the importance of the bug discovered.

They range from $200 expected for low-level security errors to $20,000 if major bugs and vulnerabilities or “exceptional discoveries” are found.

While $200 may not seem like a particularly large amount, it should be remembered that ChatGPT is a relatively new system that is constantly being updated.

For that reason, any detectable errors may not be few.

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