ChatGPT, all the pros and cons of the software at the center of world attention

ChatGPT at the moment has caught the attention of all the media because of its potential, but there are some clarifications to be made.
chat gpt pros cons

ChatGPT at the moment has caught the attention of all the media because of its potential, but there are some clarifications to be made. Here are its pros and cons.

Some people are frightened by the arrival of ChatGPT and are ideally against this technological innovation, while others are enthusiastic and are pro its use.

The fact of the matter is that the release of this program immediately caused a great stir and in a very few days it has become one of the most important topics in the field of technology, marketing and business.

It takes some time for people to understand and master it properly, yet there are already many tutorials among various blogs and youtube videos.

What is ChatGPT and how does it work?

Before talking about its pros and cons, it is necessary to briefly explain what this software actually consists of.

ChatGPT is a chatbot, i.e., a bot to which one can type a question or give an order and it will provide its answer in a few seconds.

You can ask him questions of any kind, and he has the ability to respond with a great deal of speed. The amount of work he can do is very great, in fact he can write texts such as:

  • research on a topic;

  • code strings;

  • made-up texts (essays, themes, descriptions, etc).

At the moment this program is free and it may happen that during the session the site may have problems because of the huge pool of connected users.

In any case, the wide range of text activities it can produce make ChatGPT a potential competitor to Google.

The pros of ChatGPT

First, the fact that ChatGPT is capable of processing virtually any text information on the Web means that it can be capable of answering any type of question.

Whether it is a question pertaining to a simple or complex topic does not matter, ChatGPT collects all the information on the Internet that is in some way akin to the command entered by the user and returns the result. Metaphorically, it is as if it “mixes” all the data it finds on the Internet and “churns out” the result.

An important feature of this artificial intelligence is direct interaction with the user. Whereas Google provides websites in line with the input entered by the user, acting as a “bridge,” instead the relationship between ChatGPT and the user is direct and even personalized.

Another impressive feature of this artificial intelligence is its ability to express itself in a completely grammatically correct manner.

In fact, this is one of the greatest aces up the sleeve of this program, which demonstrates a very fast “learning” ability without making mistakes.

The cons

Reflexively, there are some critical issues to consider. Although ChatGPT can provide grammatically correct answers very quickly, at the same time it does not necessarily always provide the correct answers.

If you want to do a search on a certain topic and you need to check the quality/truthfulness of the information and/or credibility of the author, then there is no doubt that you have to use Google. Moreover, it may also happen that the result offered by ChatGPT may also be incorrect due to wrong input by the user.

Another limitation of this software is creativity. The machine is great at doing the calculations faster than the human brain, but it can never beat it in terms of creativity because it can only process the information that is fed to it as input.

Finally, the last major danger is a potential and massive increase in computer crime by hackers.

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