5 low-budget and useful tech gadgets to give as Christmas gifts

The perfect Christmas gift for that tech-savvy friend? Even on a low budget you can, thanks to these 5 tech gadgets.
tech gadgets christmas gift low budget useful

The perfect Christmas present 2022 for that tech-savvy friend who always has a digital solution for everything? Even on a low budget you can, thanks to these 5 tech gadgets and accessories, under 25 euros, but useful for real.

If you’re already afraid of having to spend a fortune on advanced products, you’ll change your mind. Here are 5 really useful but at the same time inexpensive gift ideas, all under 25 euros, made especially for them.

1. Smart bands from famous brands: Xiaomi, Oppo, Amazfit

It sits on your wrist like a watch, but is more agile and smaller. The smart band connects to your phone via Bluetooth, alerts you of notifications and calls, counts your steps and sporting activity, tracks your sleep and detects your pulse and oxygenation.

It also has useful mini-apps such as stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, and is customisable. What could be better for an enthusiast? We are talking about the smart band, the little sister of the more performative and expensive smartwatch.

And yes, even with all these functions, it is cheap even when it is branded. On Amazon you can find several Xiaomi-branded bands (all very good) between 20 and 22 euros, the Amazfit at 25, as well as the Oppo Band both on Amazon and in shops around 25 euros, depending on the offers.

A basic Xiaomi can reach a price of 10 euro on promotion at electronics chains. And sometimes Honor and Huawei are also in the budget.

2. All ports in one: the Incharge cable

Your tech-enthusiast friend will have as many devices and as many cables, not easy to carry around for every occasion. Solving this problem is the almost magical ‘Incharge’ cable from Rolling Square.

This accessory incorporates three different inputs in a small space: Micro USB, USB Type-C and Lightning. And all three communicate with an outgoing USB-A cable to connect to a PC or charger really any device, as well as other functions.

The best part is that it folds up on itself, magnetically closing and fitting into a convenient pocket, to replace two or three flush cables efficiently. Depending on the model, there are additional components and functions. And it is portable and small in price too: it costs between 15 and 25 euros at most.

3. Hub for laptop USB sockets

Nowadays, laptops are getting thinner and thinner, and manufacturers take advantage of this to save on ports: thus, there are sometimes few USBs available to connect mice, keyboards, flash drives. This is why some people prefer stationary computers, but those who move around a lot have to stick to notebooks.

To get around the problem, however, all laptops now have at least one USB-C port, the oval one like on smartphones. And that socket allows the connection of a hub, i.e. a kind of ‘operations centre’. From which many other connections can be made.

With a USB-C hub, you can get lots of USB-A ports to connect numerous external devices: perfect for those who use a laptop extensively and don’t want to get stuck with connections.

Prices vary depending on the model and brand, but you can usually find ones with at least 4 ports for as little as EUR 15. There are also some Amazon Basics branded ones, but they tend to cost a bit more.

4. Memory and Micro SD card case

Speaking of things that are hard to carry around: small memory cards such as SD and Micro SD are the cross and delight of every Tech enthusiast. They are very useful and help expand the space of PCs, smartphones and digital cameras, but they are…well, small. You often risk losing them, ruining them or not knowing how to take them with you.

That’s why a great idea is a smart case for memory cards. There are many, but here we recommend the Memory Card Case by Smallrig.

This little item has 6 slots in total: there is space for 3 SD cards, 2 Micro SD cards and even 1 SIM card, with an adapter for whatever format it has (SIM – Micro SIM – Nano SIM). And it even includes the tool for opening the SIM slot of smartphones.

An enthusiast will certainly also appreciate it for its smooth, secure yet lightweight and durable design. It can be carried in a backpack without feeling the weight and it costs very little, being the cheapest in this collection: it is very often on Amazon for less than EUR 10 on offer, in short, for all budgets.

5. An Amazon Smart Plug or other smart sockets

Lastly, a perfect solution for lovers of home automation, i.e. the technological home. Yes, that very friend who turns off the lights or turns on the TV by constantly calling Alexa or Google.

If you don’t already have one, the top gift idea is a smart electrical socket or smart plug. It plugs into the wall and is controlled remotely, so that devices plugged into it can be switched off and managed without even walking around the house.

These objects, in fact, have Wi-Fi functionality and a very simple app connected to them to manage everything. They are useful in saving on bills, but also affordable: the Amazon Smart Plug, for example, costs only 25 euro at full price – but in discount periods it even drops to 13 euro. Budget yes, but lots of technology and lots of utility.

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