Germany offers state relief on gas prices

Elizabeth Smith

Germany is taking an unusually direct approach to help companies and individuals get through the short-term price increases for gas and heating currently affecting many countries in the world. It’s taking over gas bills for December.

A law to that effect has passed the main chamber of parliament, the Bundestag, and is expected to be approved by the second chamber, the Bundesrat, shortly. The legislation covers private households and small and medium-sized enterprises with an annual gas consumption of up to 1.5 million kilowatt hours.

Those groups are also eligible for one-off state payments to help cover heating costs. The program is part of the government’s ongoing efforts to check price rises for gas, heat and electricity. It follows the recommendations of an expert committee made on October 31.

“This innovative solution shows that the German government is capable of responding quickly to the current global geopolitical disruptions,” says Robert Hermann, CEO of the state agency Germany Trade & Invest. “It’s a good example of the state working to help businesses and individuals.”

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