Charity donations with NFT and crypto assets, an organization now allows it

If you want to make donations by taking advantage of new technologies such as blockchain, today you can! Save the Children uses just crypto and NFT.
Charity donations with NFT

It may sound strange, but digital assets are allies of charity. Today, Non-Fungible-Tokens, which have established themselves almost hand in hand with cryptocurrencies, are also proving useful for the purpose.

Save the Children is sponsoring an initiative that includes crypto-donations and could make a difference for many children around the world, and Web3 seems to be the benefactors’ most innovative medium this time around!

With an all new program and a project in collaboration with artists from Wrong Theory it seems that charities have also accepted NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Now let’s find out about the #CryptoArt4Children project and see how you can participate.

Save the Children: yes to Web3 and crypto-donations

Evolution and transformation are necessary to change for the better.

Save the Children knows this and has proven it. The globally known charity has officially embraced the crypto world, regardless of the laws around the world.

It simply wants to take advantage of every possible opportunity to help less fortunate children.

New NFT project with the Wrong Theory group: #CryptoArt4Children

In times of crisis, mankind gets ingenious. And that’s just what Save the Children has done with the #CryptoArt4Chldren project.

Simple and practical: a collaboration with the Wrong Theory group to promote the purchase of NFT for charity.

Yes, because now we will also be able to donate by buying a Non-Fungible-Token among those promoted on the official website of the international charity.

Nothing complicated and know that the available works are all different from each other, so we will have something for everyone.

Save the Children making a difference with NFT ART

The goal is obvious: to help children around the world with digital assets. In fact, every work sold will see a portion of the profits go to benefit families or children affected by war and conflict.

By the charity’s own admission, 1 ETH for the purchase of an NFT will be enough to support a Ukrainian hospital for 30 days and provide aid to little ones for 90 days.

The works are many and one only has to scroll through the site, in the section dedicated to the project, to be able to choose the Non-Fungible-Token to buy, to donate to the initiative.

Save the Children crypto project: how to participate

The modalities are very simple and practically anyone will be able to do it.

Just choose the cryptocurrencies with which to pay or an NFT from the list of the #CryptoArt4Children project and proceed to filling out the proposed form.

We will be able to choose whether to donate as anonymous or by entering our personal information.

After that, all we have to do is click on “Donate Now” and we can make a difference thanks to the increasingly versatile digital tokens.

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