How to make money with NFTs? 3 simple, immediate and profitable ways in 2022

NFTs present themselves as a great way to approach the sector, especially if you know the right strategies.
how to gain with nfts

More and more investors are flocking to the Web3 to take advantage of its great opportunities. But not enough is known about it yet. However, NFTs present themselves as a great way to approach the sector, especially if you know the right strategies.

It is no secret that some digital works have become the icons of a fast-growing industry that, although slightly stalling in 2022, recorded record figures in 2021.

The NFT market grew by 21,000% last year alone, reaching a turnover of USD 17 billion!

This is not a figure that the financial world can ignore any longer. Which is why this year has seen the advent of many industries in the Web3.

We’re talking about Gucci and Aston Martin, sports moving from Serie A to the NBA, and even the big museums are strongly influencing the venture capitalist sector.

What does this tell us? Certainly that NFTs are elastic, dynamic, capable of affecting multiple sectors in different ways. Thus, offering unprecedented opportunities for both consumers and large corporations.

In this regard, there are simple strategies that allow all users to become familiar with digital assets, and earn money!

Today, in fact, we have the opportunity to learn about 3 strategies suitable for everyone that can make us invest on par with the best.

What gives value to an NFT?

There are not so many factors that give value to a Non-Fungible-Token and they are easy to summarise.

First of all, it is obvious that collecting is one of the reasons.

The reason is that an NFT is a rare digital asset, often available in few units. Which therefore accelerates the interest of investors who want to appropriate something unique.

Thanks to the blockchain then, these tokens cannot be copied or forged, guaranteeing ownership to the person who buys them, no mistakes!

This guarantees the owner exclusive possession. Which obviously makes it an asset of enormous value to the investor, the only one (or part of the few) who can prove ownership.

Gamefi, investing according to the new generation

One of the simplest methods is the one used by the most passionate gamers who are getting into blockchain-based games first.

Today we can earn money by participating in a video, quiz, or by playing video games that support NFT.

Basically, these are video games that offer, in token format, entrances to special zones, encounters with exclusive characters, and many tools to use within the adventure.

Buying one of these Non-Fungible-Tokens can prove to be an incredible investment. Simply while enjoying the game, because we will find that some can be resold at incredible prices.

To give you an example, those from CryptoKitties, a Web3 game based on the collection of felines, have fetched as much as USD 500,000!

Royalties generated by NFTs

What happens when we create a non-fungible token and sell it?

By now, exchange platforms like Opensea or Rarible have made it quite easy to create NFTs. So all we have to do is decide what to make one and rely on the effectiveness of big names like these.

Creating one, in fact, offers great advantages such as the possibility of earning royalties even after the sale.

Generally, we sell our token and, if we are lucky, the profit comes from the sale alone. However, the person who creates them can also earn a percentage on subsequent sales, even if he is no longer the owner.

Did you know you can ‘rent’ NFTs?

One of the latest gimmicks that can help the Web3’s first ‘neo-investors’ with these digital assets so much is the possibility of renting them out.

This is not a complicated process. But it is a kind of digital contract on a par with what we might face when renting a house.

Obviously, this is a case from which we can benefit both in the event that we ourselves are the owners and that we are only the last holder.

Depending on how long a third party will have our NFT at his disposal, we can decide how much money is owed. Not bad, is it?

Examples of great Web3 successes

The case of the CryptoKitties game is not the only one. Some NFTs can reach astronomical figures!

Suffice it to say that Jack Dorsey’s Tweet made, for charity, $2,500,000.00, an amount of money that nobody would have dreamed of.

But even a lesser-known one, that of the famous Edward Snowden, was beaten for USD 5.4 million!

From famous to lesser-known names, Non-Fungible Tokens can turn into a gold mine.

Non-Fungible Tokens: worth it or not?

This is a mainstream phenomenon. A strongly growing trend that attracts more and more users and big players from international industries.

We are not talking about a decaying phenomenon, but one that is just beginning. However, despite the fact that it is still a high-risk investment for which we need to inform ourselves, we know that in the coming years the ways in which it will be used will increase.

We must be careful about the platforms used. But NFTs are an achievement for all users. And to ignore them would be senseless.

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