Bing is integrating ChatGPT: how it works and how to sign up

Elizabeth Smith

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about ChatGPT, the highest-level artificial intelligence that can satisfy complex questions with long, elaborate, almost human-like answers. And now it may be the beginning of the revolution.

ChatGPT is coming bursting into the Microsoft-owned Bing search engine and is ready to do everything we have seen so far, but directly from browser searches and with even more features.

Deployment has begun: let’s see how Bing with ChatGPT works and how to sign up before spots may run out.

Bing will include ChatGPT: here’s how the new service works

So far we have been “playing” (but also working) with ChatGPT on its website, after registering with e-mail. We would enter the “prompt” (command, i.e., a request or question) there and admire, amazed, the response.

Already in recent weeks, however, we have seen limitations to the service, which consumes enormous resources and cannot make itself available to everyone at all times. So many were thinking about the arrival of paid plans, but they underestimated one element.

ChatGPT’s main investor is the giant Microsoft. Thus comes the long-awaited news. ChatGPT is about to be integrated inside the Microsoft Bing search engine, the main competitor of the “dominator” Google. The operation will be simple. By activating its option, in addition to the traditional search engine, Chat GPT will also respond to each of our searches.

In addition to the classic search results we will see, on the right side of the page, a box in which Chat GPT will begin to write us the answer, as we have been used to so far (i.e., in great detail). In addition, most of the sentences will include a link to the web source the AI has referenced, also repeated at the end of the answer.

This element may have been included to demonstrate the AI’s increased attention to the veracity of the results. Thus, by consulting each source we will understand how reliable the answer is.

Finally, we will be able to ask additional follow-up questions or provide feedback to the AI. Such as “Congratulations, you are very good!”

How to sign up for the new GPT Chat included in Bing

Currently, the service is active only in example mode. By going to the search engine’s homepage, i.e.,, it will be possible to start trying out the service.

To do so, one must take advantage of the light blue box that appears in the middle of the page. Clicking on the little arrow on the right will show some sample queries. And from each of them you can click on “Try.” This will immediately open a search page that includes the traditional results plus Chat GPT’s response to that prompt.

In addition, enrollment has officially begun. To enroll, again from the center of the page, you must click on “More Information”: on the next page, click on Join the waiting list and, if necessary, log in with your Microsoft account. You will then be enrolled, and you will be notified with an e-mail when the features go live.

No other information is known at this time. It is not known how many people are in the queue, what the date will be for the start of use of the full AI, how long the one furthest back in the queue will have to wait, or even how many people will be allowed to sign up.

If you are interested in the feature, so the advice is to get on the waiting list now. Before someone else steals your spot.

Bing integrates ChatGPT: is this Microsoft’s move against Google?

Users are attracted to the AI they have already seen in operation, are familiar with it, and want to take advantage of Chat GPT potential. Thanks to the integration they will be able to do so directly from the browser or search bar, from intuitive, convenient and super-fast commands. As if it were an everyday thing.

This could be a great move by Microsoft to insinuate Google’s absolute leadership. After so many (unsuccessful) attempts to make its own search engine stand out, now users have a unique and distinguishable reason to try Bing.

In the tech world, habit and connection to a service are so important because they then extend to its ecosystem. Like when we use Google for text searches, but then also Google Drive for storage or Google Chrome as a browser. Because it is convenient to have them all integrated.

With Chat GPT being a unique innovation, Microsoft wants to push users to try Bing and its other services. And then to tie them in perhaps with Onedrive, Office Online, Edge, and more. In addition, since Bing is integrated into Windows itself, we may even see a GPT Chat easily accessible from Windows. This is a potentially momentous move.

The battle has begun again and, of course, Google will not sit idly by. It has already begun investment and experimentation in the AI called Apprentice Bard. And who knows, it may one day integrate it into Google Chrome to make Bing’s GPT Chat less “special.”

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