The best and cheapest eBook readers of 2022: prices and features

Elizabeth Smith

Ebooks do not appeal to everyone. But they appeal to many because they have solved both space and money problems at the same time. In addition to being compact and containing thousands of books in one go, they are also affordable.

The advent of ebooks has changed book reading. Of course, many still prefer the paper format, perhaps for the feeling of flipping through the pages, their smell, or because they find it more comfortable for their eyes to gaze at the dear old page.

That said, ebooks are not simply books scanned and put on a digital screen. But formats specifically created for specific readers: eBook readers.

An ebook reader saves a heap of space, as the 6- or 7-inch pocket device will suffice for hundreds of books instead of entire bookshelves. And finally a heap of money too. Individual ebooks cost so little compared to paper that they are the cheapest option. As if that weren’t enough, today the device has also become affordable.

Here is a list of the best and cheapest eBook readers of 2022.

The cheapest buy of eBook readers: Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite

Few ebook readers are able to achieve the perfect quality-price balance baked by Amazon. Bezos’s company has carried a device branded with its name for years now, which always proves to be perfectly reliable and performing. What’s more, it is constantly being updated with new, evolved and even affordable models.

At this price, there is hardly anything else. The basic Amazon Kindle model in the 2022 version costs 99 euro list price for the version with advertising and 109 euro for the one without advertising (and on occasions such as Prime Day and Black Friday, further discounts flow in). It is super compact with a 6-inch high resolution 300 ppi display, obviously anti-reflective and with pure e-ink (digital ink) effect. The front light is provided by 4 LEDs.

The space inside is enormous for an e-reader: an impressive 16 GB, plenty for thousands and thousands of books. Recharging is via the now common USB-C and lasts up to 6 weeks. It is also a Wi-Fi model. So there is the possibility of downloading books and content without connecting to a PC. It is available in two colours, black and blue.

Looking for the cheapest but with superior performance? Amazon also offers the now famous Kindle Paperwhite. Which starts at EUR 139 for the 8 GB model with advertising and goes up a little for those without advertising or for the 16 GB and 32 GB, up to EUR 189 for the best combination.

The Paperwhite is larger with an impressive 6.8-inch screen for perfect reading, has a better battery performance of up to 10 weeks, and is more illuminated with up to 17 LEDs. It is also splashproof and resistant to short and accidental immersion in water with IPX8 certification. Unlike the basic model, it also has adjustable lighting, and there is always Wi-Fi.

Those who want something really pretentious and not at all cheap, on the other hand, can turn to large, super-performance models such as the Kindle Scribe. Which also allows writing on the touch screen.

The eternal competitor: the cheap Kobo Clara HD eBook readers

Amazon is not the only one on the market, its biggest competitor is called Kobo. And its most budget model is the excellent Kobo Clara HD. One of the best proposals if the Kindle is not quite to your taste.

The Kobo Clara HD costs around EUR 139, a very competitive price. Its 6-inch display has an HD resolution of 1440 x 1072 pixels and is equipped with a special technology called ComfortLight PRO. The light emitted by the reader reduces blue and thus limits eye fatigue in the dark. And you can adjust the temperature and brightness of the display at any time.

The screen is obviously anti-glare, the internal memory is a good 8 GB (always enough for lots of books, around 3000, as ebooks weigh very little), and it is available in black or bright blue. The software guarantees excellent reading customisation. And, the device has Wi-Fi but also a handy micro USB cable, and weighs 166 grams.

The super pocket-friendly and cheap outsider: the new Tolino Shine 3

Lesser-known brands are also making space in the market, such as Tolino with its Tolino Shine 3 reader. The cost is really super-cheap – around EUR 125 – for a respectable technical specification and an exceptionally compact and lightweight model.

Tolino Shine 3 has, as usual, a 6-inch display, again with e-ink and the excellent resolution of 1072×1448 px. But it is the perfect model for those who want super lightness, because it packs everything into just 110 grams of weight, over 50 less than several competitors.

The memory again has the very sufficient 8 GB, the battery is 1500 mAh and lasts several weeks with good performance. For that price, it is a bargain, and the only snag is that several models are calibrated to certain foreign countries, but a quick contact with the customer service department at the IBS bookstore is enough to register it and use it without any problems.

A bright alternative: Pocketbook Touch Lux 5

The last model we examine is a Pocketbook, a company that is increasingly experimenting in the e-reader market, also testing colour functions. We offer here the Pocketbook Touch Lux 5, the best at the moment in terms of quality and price from this brand.

Between 129 and 159 euros depending on the offers (and sometimes even less!) we have a 6-inch reader, albeit with a lower resolution screen than its competitors: 1024 x 758 pixels. Smartlight technology allows you to adjust the colour temperature and brightness to your liking.

This is also a Wi-Fi model, so it connects wirelessly but also with a USB cable, and has the canonical 8 GB of memory. It has support for online lending services of public libraries. A touch of style will make it preferable for those who like to stand out: in addition to black, there is also a ruby red model, which stands out like a real gem without the need for a cover.

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