When Amazon Black Friday 2022 starts: all the dates and deals

Elizabeth Smith

The long-awaited Amazon Black Friday 2022 finally kicks off: 10 days of great deals and bargains on Jeff Bezos‘ platform. Here are the dates and more information about it.

The long-awaited Black Friday 2022 is finally upon us. An unmissable event for lovers of online shopping. But also for those who, for the past year, have had their eye on a specific product and want to buy it without going on a shopping spree.

The initiative, which originated in the United States, quickly spread to the old continent with digital platforms such as Amazon, becoming the ideal time to shop well in advance of the Christmas period.

Amazon Black Friday 2022: dates and duration

The success of this initiative is also partly due to the period we are currently experiencing. With inflation seemingly unstoppable and the cost of living ever higher, Black Friday is seen as an opportunity to shop without breaking the bank.

In this sense, Amazon remains one of the benchmarks. With thousands and thousands of products that will be offered to the public at quite substantial discounts.

When does Amazon’s Black Friday start? Although we often refer to this period as a ‘week’, we are actually talking about 10 days this year.

Specifically, those from 18 to 28 November. In fact, Black Friday will overlap with Cyber Monday on 25 November.

How does Black Friday work?

Black Friday, as mentioned, has been a regular event for years. The offers that characterise this phase of the year include time-limited offers and others that last for all the days of the initiative.

In some cases, however, we are talking about goods that are not infinite. To be discounted, especially with higher percentages, are limited stocks. Very often, products run out within a few hours (if not minutes).

In addition to the most visible discounts, advertised on the Amazon home page, it is good to have a look at various sections of the site. For instance, in Amazon Outlet it is possible to spot high discounts on unsold but nevertheless very interesting merchandise.

Amazon Warehouse, a store characterised by refurbished second-hand goods, can also present technology products with substantial discounts on Black Friday.

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