4 new Amazon products to try out and how much do they cost

Elizabeth Smith

September was the month of new releases, and Amazon has joined the chorus by presenting the brand new products to the public: Echo Dot and Echo Studio, the new Fire TV Cube and Kindle Scribe. The e-commerce giant promises several surprises: let’s see what they are!

Amazon Kindle Scribe

Kindle Scribe is the most wanted of the products presented by Amazon this September. The innovative Paperwhite system will in fact integrate a brand new feature that will allow the user to use their Kindle as a notepad, with a writing experience 100% faithful to that on traditional paper.

Kindle Scribe will be the largest e-book reader ever, at 10.2 inches and 5.8 millimeters thick. The anti-glare and front light technology will allow intensive use without straining the eyes.

To use Kindle Scribe as a notebook, Amazon has studied two types of nibs: Basic and Premium. The features are similar: both tools will include pen, highlighter and eraser, but the Premium version will integrate a hardware part dedicated to the eraser so you don’t have to change the settings on the software.

The Premium stylus will also include a shortcut button, always favoring the use in hardware – more intuitive.

Needless to say, Kindle Scribe will also be very useful for annotations on books: its very interesting system will allow you to group underlines and annotations directly in a special section – so as not to “ruin” the actual book, even if digital.

Kindle Scribe users will have the ability to create multiple notebooks on their e-book reader with various templates depending on their needs, having access to a storage space that will be impossible to fill in the cloud.

The user will also have the ability to write and take notes on PDF and .odt documents, thanks to the “Send-to-Kindle” function.

The sore point comes in the price: although the functions of Kindle Scribe are worth all the money spent, it is an elite product starting at € 369.99 – which will increase proportionally to the size of the storage space. In addition, the only color available will be Tungsten Gray.

Amazon Echo Dot and Echo Studio

Also released today Echo Dot and Echo Studio, the new Echo generation.

Echo Dot will have two versions: the one with and the one without a clock. The most important news here will be, needless to say, an improvement in the audio sector which, according to Amazon, will allow for an unparalleled listening experience.

Also integrated is an advanced temperature sensor – from a home automation perspective – and gesture controls. In the Echo Dot version with clock, the LED display has been improved.

The price for the basic version of the Echo Dot is 59.99 euros. The version with a watch will cost 10 euros more instead. For now, the products are only available for pre-order: the start of shipments is scheduled for next month.

Echo Studio – the most advanced version of Echo – promises instead a spatial audio processing technology and the extension of the frequency range, which will guarantee an unbeatable stereo sound quality and offer a 360 ° listening experience for music, movies and audiobook.

Echo Studio will cost € 199.99, and is already available in the gray variant. For the ice white color you will have to be patient until next month, but it is already possible to order.

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Amazon Fire TV Cube 2022

Fire Cube TV makes its grand entrance with a state-of-the-art processor that promises 20% higher fuidity than previous models. Voice control has also been improved: today, the Fire Cube can also be controlled with just the voice.

The product will also support 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR and immersive Dolby Atmos audio, which will offer an enhanced performance experience for streaming platforms such as Prime Video, Disney + and Netflix.

Fire Cube will have an HDMI input that will allow you to connect external devices, and a USB port useful for making video calls via Alexa Communication – directly from the TV! The price? € 159.99 already available for pre-order purchase.

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