Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Party Congress: “There will be reunification of Taiwan at any cost”

Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Party Congress: "There will be reunification with Taiwan, at any cost".
xi jinping reunification taiwan

Harsh back-and-forth between Beijing and Taipei on the issue of Taiwan’s independence. At the National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in his opening speech, the Chinese president sent a warning to the island. He stated that Beijing will never promise to give up the goal of reunification of Taiwan with the Chinese motherland.

Taipei replies that it will not accept any compromise on issues of sovereignty and democracy. Also, Taiwan reiterates that military confrontation with China cannot be a viable option.

Xi Jinping warns about pursuing the goal of reunification of Taiwan at the CCP Congress

The Chinese leader said he pursues the goal of reunification of Taiwan “with all necessary means”. After all he stressed, the measures adopted after the major protests in Hong Kong in 2019 restored order and guaranteed that it is ruled by patriots. Beijing would therefore like to apply the same “system” to Taiwan.

And he also issues a clear warning to the United States. “Resolving the Taiwan issue is a problem for the Chinese, which will be solved by the Chinese”. The crisis opened with the visit of Nancy Pelosi to the island last August is still burning.

The answer of Taipei to the Chinese warning of reunification

Taipei firmly rejects the “one country, two systems” model in force in Hong Kong. “Territorial sovereignty, democracy and freedom cannot be compromised “, is the will of the people of Taiwan.

“Difficult times await us”, the Chinese president opens his keynote address. “The wheels of history are marching towards the reunification and rejuvenation of the great Chinese nation“, said Xi Jinping.

The other themes in Xi Jinping’s speech

In his speech, Xi Jinping has been careful not to mention the war in Ukraine and its friendship with President Vladimir Putin.

Another issue not adressed has been the zero-Covid policy. With border controls, closures, massive testing and mandatory quarantine, the frustration of the population and the economic repercussions are growing.

Finally, he declared that the fight against corruption has eliminated “serious latent dangers” within the Communist Party and the army. Those who criticize him, on the other hand, think that the initiative was used to curb and eliminate opponents within the party.

What are the objectives of Xi Jinping’s presidency

The Chinese president seems to want to complete his work of centralizing power, transforming the structures and bureaucratic processes of the party and the state during the ten years of his presidency.

Congress ratifies every decision previously taken by the party leaders, and there are those who are waiting to understand if the president, in office since 2013, intends to include a possible heirs.

In 2017, contrary to all expectations, he had not presented anyone who could replace him: a clear indication of the will to continue in command.

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