What is Threads, the new social network from Meta that will shake up Twitter

If the latest controversies were not enough, here comes yet another blow for Twitter: yet another competitor, and not just any competitor. Meta is preparing to launch Threads, a new social platform: here's how it works.
threads app what is it

In recent years, the social networking landscape has been characterised by fierce competition between different platforms in search of an ever-widening audience. Among these, Twitter has established itself as a major platform for sharing short messages and public discussion.

However, in recent times, the giant has faced several controversies and lost a significant part of its user base.

It is in this context that Meta has announced the imminent launch of a new social networking app called Threads. Here is what it is and how it works.

What is Threads, the new social app from Meta

Threads is a new social networking platform developed by Meta. Described as a potential competitor to Twitter, the app offers a place where people can ‘connect, discuss various topics and share ideas, opinions and creativity with the world’.

The main goal of Threads is to create an online community where users can follow their favourite creators and interact with people who share the same passions and interests. A bit like what happens on any social network, but with different twists.

Threads will be linked to Instagram

One of the distinctive features of Threads is its connection to Instagram, another popular social media platform owned by Meta.

Threads users will be able to use the same username they choose on Instagram and will be able to automatically follow people they follow on Instagram.

This link between the two platforms will offer an easy way for users to expand their social network and connect with like-minded people on both platforms.

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How Threads works, Meta’s new challenge to Twitter

Like any self-respecting social network, Threads will have unique features not found on similar platforms. However, when scrolling through Meta’s promises on the new app, one can think of a mix between Pinterest and Twitter. But linked to Meta accounts for even easier sharing.

Threads presents itself as a place where communities come together to discuss everything from the trending topics of the moment to those that will be trending in the future.

Users – who must be at least 12 years old – will be able to follow their favourite creators and connect directly with them. This feature allows users to stay up-to-date with the latest news and interact with people they admire.

Threads users will be able to create a personal profile in which they can share information about themselves and their interests. It will be possible to keep the profile private and manage who can view the content.

Threads: plans for the future

Although some functionality may be limited initially, such as connecting to other social networks such as Mastodon, it seems that Meta has plans to allow interaction with other platforms in the future.

This could further expand the possibilities for Threads users to connect and interact, paving the way for a much broader user base than Twitter.

In short, Twitter is now under attack from all angles. First Mastodon, then Bluesky (founded by the same creator and former CEO of Twitter), and now Threads seems to have become all too easy prey.

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