What is Google Sparrow: the “smarter” alternative to ChatGPT

DeepMind, a company under the protective wing of Google, is set to launch Sparrow. What is it all about and why does it promise to be a no small "upgrade" from ChatGPT?
google sparrow

DeepMind, a company under the protective wing of Google, is set to launch Sparrow. What is it all about?

While ChatGPT has captured the attention of millions and millions of users, the artificial intelligence phenomenon is not limited to this chatbot.

In fact, the direction taken in this area sees other names besides OpenAI. And, tech giants have been working on advanced forms of AI for some time now.

Precisely from Google comes one of the most interesting innovations in the field. Through the work of Alphabet and DeepMind in fact, Google Sparrow was born, a new form of artificial intelligence that promises to easily surpass ChatGPT.

What is Google Sparrow and why is it different from ChatGPT

Again, we are talking about a chatbot, which is a form of artificial intelligence that the user interfaces with through a prompt of written commands. In fact, a chat with which you converse with questions and their answers.

So what is the real difference between ChatGPT and Sparrow? According to what the developers promise, the latter form of AI manages to provide even more accurate answers. In fact, those who have tried ChatGPT firsthand know how the answers are often confusing if not completely wrong.

Google Sparrow includes a system known as reinforcement learning, which allows it to learn from its mistakes. Basically, the AI does not need human signaling to realize that it has made a mistake, as is the case with current chatbots.

The differences between the two systems, however, do not stop at error handling. ChatGPT in fact, updated its database in late 2020 but, in fact, is not directly connected with the Web. Sparrow, also strengthened by its close connection with Google, can count on much more frequent updates.

Google Sparrow: usage and practical applications

Although we have only been talking about this AI for a few weeks, in reality this project is not of such recent conception. In fact, Sparrow began to be talked about in 2020. But since there was less focus on artificial intelligence at the time than there is now, the announcement had not caused any particular stir.

Beyond the chatbot system that ChatGPT is making familiar to so many users, what will be the practical applications of Google Sparrow? As of now, there is no certainty about that.

Some are already rumoring a possible integration in the context of Google search. But there are no official statements about this. Certainly, Sparrow will go through private testing during 2023, after which no one can predict how things will evolve.

Google is moving in a definite statement, given also the recent launch of Discovery AI. All of this shows how ChatGPT is just the first step into the future. And with names like Microsoft and Google in the mix, there will be a lot of surprising news in the coming months and years.

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