What is Ecoterra, the cryptocurrency for the environment and sustainability on a global scale

Mission Ecoterra? Recycling and zero impact on the environment. The new cryptocurrency excites nature lovers and also helps them earn money.

The problem of waste and CO2 emissions has gotten out of hand. Pollution is a constant danger in our lives and many governments are working to avert a probable disaster.

In this context, cryptocurrencies might seem of little use, but in fact one seems to be able to really make a difference. It is Ecoterra.

It is an application based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies that is causing quite a stir among the trading community that bets on low-capitalisation digital currencies.

The project is active, close to launching its crypto and looks set to continue, being one of the most interesting crypto projects of 2023.

A detailed presentation of the project and its usefulness, both in economic terms and for the environment, is urgently needed.

The environmentally aware cryptocurrency, what is Ecoterra

It is a sensational ecosystem, especially for those who want to contribute to environmental protection.

Ecoterra is a Recycle2Earn application, based on the Ethereum blockchain with a crypto of the same name, called $ECOTERRA currently in the last stages of Presale.

The project aims to reward users with cash rewards following the recycling of purchased materials.

In addition, the app is aimed at everyone, individuals and businesses, allowing everyone to earn money and create a profile where contributions are converted into achievements and NFT.

Inside we also find a marketplace for purchasing certified carbon credits and another where we can purchase recycled materials.

Presale $ECOTERRA, here’s how to access it

We are currently at an advanced stage of presale. The purchase price of the ecosystem tokens is $0.00775, but this will increase in about 12 days to $0.0085.

On the official website, we will find a countdown showing how to buy and how much is left before the price increase.

To buy the Ecoterra project crypto we will have to connect our crypto wallet and pay with ETH or USDT. But beware: we can also use our credit card.

Time is not on our side as the project is heading towards its final stages having already raised $3,150,829. The opportunity may end soon.

How does the crypto ecosystem work

In the application, after creating your profile, you will find all the relevant info. However, it is all very simple.

You use the Ecoterra App’s scanner to scan the barcodes of the products to be recycled and search through the platform’s product lists before recycling it and earning cryptocurrency.

You can also do this with your solar panel bills, or help the project’s database by scanning new products and describing their weight, measurements and details. By doing so, you will earn more $ECOTERRA.

Ecoterra, how do I earn by recycling?

To earn tokens we have to recycle through a reverse vending machine (RVM) in small or large shops.

Each time we recycle an item through an RVM, we receive a certain amount of tokens as a reward. This provides an incentive for people to recycle and helps increase overall recycling rates.

To start earning crypto, simply scan the barcode of your product, locate a shop with an RVM and start recycling your items. After receiving our rewards we can sell, hold, put in play or donate to environmental causes.

One of many crypto projects that, like Love Hate Inu, shows great promise in 2023.

Unique ecosystem: why?

The recycling and earning system already exists, but Web3 makes it better.

By using this blockchain, we strive to intensify circular economy processes by providing a market for recycled materials and creating a platform to incentivise people to recycle.

This not only helps increase recycling rates, but also provides a unique opportunity for people to earn rewards by having a positive impact on the environment.

Ecoterra can also provide a transparent and secure way to track carbon emissions and credits Thus helping to mitigate the effects of climate change through our carbon offset marketplace, which on blockchain is immutable.

Celebrity partners espousing the green app

So many brands are marrying Ecoterra. Some well-known brands in this category include Patagonia, The North Face and H&M, but not only.

In addition to clothing and outdoor brands, a wide range of other sectors also espouse the project. Coca Cola and Heineken are just some of them.

Ecoterra is designed to be a flexible and versatile solution that can be used by a wide variety of brands and industries.

By providing a way to offset emissions and support sustainable practices, it offers a practical and effective solution for companies seeking to reduce their environmental impact by leveraging the crypto sector.

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