What are AI Phones and how they work

Smartphones embrace artificial intelligence, this seems to be the present and near future of telephony.
what are ai phones

Smartphones embrace artificial intelligence, this seems to be the present and near future of telephony. Here’s what AI Phones are and how they work.

The future of smartphones

With the advent of generative artificial intelligence, everyday objects are undergoing a revolution. New wearable gadgets are emerging, such as R1 Rabbit and Ai Pin, which promise to be controlled entirely by voice and which are particularly talked about these days.

While some see these devices as a potential alternative to traditional phones, it will take some time before they become a viable replacement. Meanwhile, big smartphone companies are embracing AI massively, as evidenced by the recent multi-year alliance between Google and Samsung.

The goal seems to be to overcome the now consolidated concept of the smartphone to move into a new era, in which you can make the new and most recent discoveries available on your phone, as always happens.

How Ai Phones work

To understand how AI Phones work, we make use of the features of the new Samsung Galaxy S24, the most talked about of the moment among those that have managed to combine telephony and artificial intelligence.

Equipped with advanced features powered by both Google APIs, such as Gemini and Gen Ai, and an internal system, the device promises a higher level of privacy and security. On-device AI, or generative artificial intelligence systems optimized for portable devices, are designed to be leaner, less powerful and with less consumption, guaranteeing an advanced user experience directly from your device.

This new smartphone from Samsung not only uses Google APIs but also incorporates powerful internal generative artificial intelligence, offering features such as voice recognition, translation, image manipulation suggestions and video editing assistance. This collaboration promises to redefine the telephony landscape, offering consumers a level of interaction and support never seen before.

All this, however, could only be the beginning of this revolution. If Samsung has fundamentally marked a watershed, many other giants are following it by designing cutting-edge smartphones to keep up and, why not, even surpass it.

The future of Ai Phone

Future developments of AI Phones will focus on the magic of generative artificial intelligence, paving the way for advanced visual searches, video editing suggestions and innovations in computational photography.

However, the computing power required for these operations and the energy consumption raise important questions about privacy and data transmission.

The centrality of AI on device opens up a new competitive geography, where hardware manufacturers and AI providers form alliances to offer superior user experiences.

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