West condemns Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian provinces as illegal

The West is condemning Russia's annexation of four Ukrainian provinces and is putting pressure on Russia to stop its actions.

The West is condemning Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian provinces and is putting pressure on Russia to stop its actions. European Council President Charles Michel condemned Putin’s actions, saying the move “intensifies their nuclear threat against the world”.

In addition, the US has placed sanctions on hundreds of individuals and companies, including members of the military-industrial complex.

The West against Russia’s annexation of 4 Ukraine provinces

The West is firmly against Russia’s annexation of four provinces of Ukraine, as the annexation plans violate international law. The UN Security Council also condemned the move.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov however congratulated the representatives of the four regions and said he was confident that the upper house of parliament would approve the resolutions. In addition to the Duma, Russia’s upper house of parliament, the Federation Council, usually a rubber stamp for Kremlin policy, is also expected to approve the resolutions. The annexation of four Ukrainian provinces has raised tensions in the region that have not been seen since the Cold War.

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The West condemns the referendum on the annexation as illegal

The West has backed the Ukrainian government in the face of the annexation of its provinces. The resolution would have formally condemned the illegal referendums and urged other countries to not recognize Moscow’s annexation of the regions.

In a act of solidarity, the West has stood with Ukraine and urged Russia to stop its annexation of the occupied regions of Ukraine. Putin’s move has led to fears of full-blown conflict. The President of Ukraine, meanwhile, countered with an “accelerated” NATO membership application.

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