US, Biden plunges in presidential election polls: in duel with Trump he would lose by 10 points

Elizabeth Smith

Polls related to the presidential election in the United States of America (USA) report an incredible comeback by Donald Trump. The Tycoon has surpassed current US President Joe Biden by 10 percentage points.

US polls, Biden collapses: is there a risk of Trump bis?

Washington Post-Abc News conducted a poll on the voting intentions of Americans ahead of the upcoming presidential election. The result speaks for itself: Donald Trump 52 percent, Joe Biden 42 percent.

This is a hefty 10 percentage points as the tenant of the White House is already surrounded by events of both personal and national interest that could be his doom to leave the U.S. presidency.

The U.S. people are unhappy with two key points of Biden’s agenda. Firstly, the handling of the economy and the issue of immigration. A wave of nationalism could once again hit the U.S. and Donald Trump could return to occupy that seat he lost almost 4 years ago.

The U.S. thinks that Joe Biden, because of indiscriminate economic-military support for Ukraine, could send the country to collapse because of high inflation levels.

It is precisely Trump’s handling of the economy and the relationships he had forged in foreign policy that strengthen his position. Indeed, the former U.S. president had repeatedly visited and dialogued with Vladimir Putin raising hopes for a final thaw between Russia and the U.S. resulting in an end to Cold War rhetoric.

Double standards: when judicial affairs don’t weigh in

US citizens are thinking about their own needs and those of the country while leaving out the personal and judicial affairs of their representatives. Donald Trump, in fact, continues to rise in the polls. Despite the fact that he has been recently indicted on multiple charges.

While the people turn a blind eye to Trump’s judicial affairs, they open both wide. Recently there have been rumors of a possible impeachment against Joe Biden. And thus both the people and a section of U.S. Democrats would not want to reelect a public figure on whom such a heavy charge could hang. In short, double standards.

What will become of the Dems? Race to the least worst

Also of concern is the age of Joe Biden. The White House tenant is now better known for his gaffes than for his political activity. The media and citizens around the world have attributed often ironic and often insulting nicknames to the person of Joe Biden.

According to the U.S. people, his age could affect executive decisions and send the country into a tailspin as their president seems to be increasingly less lucid.

But is there no alternative to Biden among the Dems? The most popular names are two. Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders.

Although they are among the most liked people in the ranks of the Democrats and among Americans, they are not considered overly charismatic and there is a fear that they may hang on Biden’s every word and continue to pursue his policies.

Elections still too far away to draw conclusions

In conclusion, it certainly seems that Biden has reached the end of the line and that Donald Trump’s real rivals are not the Democrats but the decisions of the judges and his fellow party members.

The elections, however, are more than a year away as they will be held on November 5, 2024. Although these figures may be worrisome for many nations that have cooperated well with Biden and many U.S. citizens, it is still too early to draw conclusions.

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