USA, Biden heading for impeachment? Republicans announce investigation

Elizabeth Smith

New controversy and controversy are these days jeopardizing the presidency of Joe Biden, who finds himself, just a short time into the hot months of his re-election campaign, facing the case of the malfeasance of which his son is accused.

Indeed, Hunter Biden’s affairs are also likely to engulf his father, against whom the House speaker is reportedly determined to open formal investigations into possible complicity. The same investigations could also lead to an impeachment case against the Speaker.

The investigation against Joe Biden in the case of his son Hunter

Kevin McCarthy, a member of the Republican Party and speaker of the U.S. House, announced that he would open a formal investigation against the president. The charges brought against Biden range from corruption to abuse of power to obstruction of justice.

Indeed, the current president, during his time as vice president in the Obama administration, is alleged to have had complicity in the illicit business dealings of which Hunter Biden is accused, and also arranged for his son to receive favorable treatment in the courts.

McCarthy spoke of sufficient evidence to proceed with the investigation while the White House response called the Republicans’ action “political extremism.” According to the Democrats, there would be no evidence at all against the charges.

What Biden risks with impeachment

To go forward with the official investigation, McCarthy still needs the support of the House and Senate. But, at the moment, it would appear that he would not have a solid basis for reaching impeachment. Indeed, he would not have the support of all Republicans. Not to mention that in the Senate the majority remains Democrats.

If it really came to a trial against Joe Biden and impeachment, the president would risk removal from office.

There have been three presidents in American history who have been subjected to impeachment trials. Namely, Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump. But in each of these cases there has been an acquittal.

What the term impeachment means

But what is impeachment? It could be translated as “indictment” or, simply, “accusation,” and it is a legal institution, now, present in several states around the world.

Etymologically, the term is actually not English. The word derives from the Old French empeechier, meaning “to prevent”. And in turn it derives from the Latin impedicare and is crossed with the verb impetere, meaning “to accuse.”

Since there is no exact word for the translation of the term, it means, in essence, the accusation of a person holding high public office, following the commission of serious wrongful acts, during the performance of his or her duties, that violated the principles of the Constitution. More than a judicial proceeding, impeachment is a political proceeding.

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