Top 7 Metaverse influencers to follow

Sushree Behera

Did you know that according to Bloomberg Intelligence analysts, Metaverse may become an $800 billion market by 2024? It is increasingly expanding revenue opportunities with live events, entertainment, and social ads. With the developments in Metaverse, there is a rise in celebrity culture

One manifest way in which this culture has risen is in the form of Metaverse influencers. Many of them are entirely computer-generated. While some of them look human, others are creation of animation.

Let us look more closely at this phenomenon and also look at some famous virtual influencers.

Who the are virtual influencers on Metaverse?

Virtual influencers are computer-generated fictional characters on social media. These are used for various purposes, such as marketing and social media marketing. These influencers are as realistic as possible, copying real human-like features and attempting to attract a particular set audience for branding and advertising or for pushing for a cause. 

Virtual idols originated in Japanese idol culture in the 1980s and can also be virtual influencers. Virtual idols are the amazing creation of animation, which are animation characters or virtual avatars. Lynn Minmay was the first virtual idol. There have been many virtual idols over the decades. 

In recent times, with the rise of the internet and now the increase of Metaverse, these virtual idols have gained much public traction as influencers and celebrities. Subsequently, in recent times, virtual idols like Kizuna AI have gained fame as Youtubers and musicians.

Within the Metaverse, which is a virtual reality space, it is possible for people to create and form their own digital selves, which can be used to become influencers or celebrities virtually. Many people are thus becoming virtual influencers. 

Several digital avatars, however, are actually creation of computer-animation by brands. The role of AI and digital avatars is to learn from the information provided by the developers using Natural Language Processing (NLP). These virtual avatars promote big brands; they present themselves as luxury brands and try to become relatable to their followers and subscribers.

Top 7 Metaverse influencers to follow

There are several influencers across social media platforms and on Metaverse. Here are some top Metaverse influencers you can follow :

Lil Maquela 

Lil Maquela is a 19-year-old Brazilian-American Instagram influencer. She is a model and a musical artist and has over a million Instagram followers. Seen wearing luxury brands like Chanel and Supreme and hanging out with real-life celebrities and artists, she flaunts her life in New York and Los Angeles. Maquela is an avatar created by Brud, an LA-based AI and robotics start-up.

Logan Theobald

Logan is an American Youtube and TikTok influencer. He has over 5 million TikTok followers and over 1.7 million Youtube subscribers. His VR gameplay on Beat Saber videos made him popular. He started his Youtube career in 2019, where he gained 1 million views on his content and about 100,000 likes. On TikTok, he posts content related to behind-the-scenes work.

Rozy Oh

Rozy Oh (Korean for ‘one and only’) is South Korea’s first virtual influencer. Sidus Studio X develops her, and her extreme human-like features are something that is striking. She considers herself a “Campaigner” who advocates for issues like environmental pollution. She believes everything she puts up on her Instagram is engaging and fun for her audience.  

Maya Gram

Puma is the big name behind the creation of the Maya, a virtual South East Asian influencer. She was created by UM Studios x Ensemble Worldwide with the help of So. Min, a social media AI platform that mapped multiple South East Asian faces over Instagram, came up with Maya’s features. She create content that caters to a SEA audience.


Imma (meaning “now”) is a Japanese virtual influencer and model. Aww, Inc. Imma produced her made headlines in several fashions, economics, and business magazines for her talent. She has also worked for brands like Porsche Japan, Calvin Klein, Nike, etc. Along with that she tries raising her voice about race, gender, and the environment. 


KIzuna, created by En Morikura , is a Japanese virtual Youtuber. She is an animated influencer, and posts on Youtube. She is famous as the world’s first virtual Youtuber. Kizuna live streams and records videos in a virtual environment. She has been a very active Youtuber and content creator, and her channel “AI Channel” exceeded more than 200,000 subscribers


Rae is Singapore’s top virtual influencer. She was created with CGI technology and powered by AI technologies. Rae is constantly exploring the urban jungle with her skateboard and loves of street culture. She has blue-ash hair with a high ponytail on her right profile. The origins of Rae remain a mystery.

Is the future of influencers in the Metaverse?

Metaverse is a new intriguing, and challenging world. The various virtual idols and virtual influencers are a new phenomenon, used as a marketing tool by brands and companies for promotions and marketing.

This opens up several new avenues for marketing, and advertisement, and for big businesses and start-ups.

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