Metaverse Standards Forum: that’s who will write the rules of Metaverse

Elizabeth Smith

The Metaverse Standards Forum aims to be a kind of regulatory body for the Metaverse, an organisation that wants to standardise the virtual universe. This is who will write the rules.

We can say hands down that the metaverse is continuing to expand in a decidedly remarkable way.

With companies and multinationals becoming more and more interested in the topic, new insights and opportunities continue to arise for investors and virtual reality fans. They are now, more than ever, beginning to scramble to enter this new world.

What is lacking, however, are guidelines that enable all players to be informed participants. In short, a regulation and a ‘user manual’.

Today, this problem seems to want to be solved by an organisation called the ‘Metaverse Standards Forum‘. The Forum wants to put itself forward as the meeting point for all those interested in this subject. This organisation even proposes to write the laws on the metaverse.

The Metaverse expansion between difficulties and successes

We cannot deny that between TV, cinema and the web, we have all had a first idea of what the metaverse is.

Often extolled as a natural evolution of the video game world for gamers, who can thus enter an increasingly interactive world (almost a substitute) for reality, but also valorised as a possible incentive for companies that want to expand their businesses.

The opportunities of the alternative virtual world are many, from the emergence of new professional figures to the expansion of marketing strategies, from the creation of work hubs on the web to the reduction of office management costs.

However, despite the positive aspects, it remains a sector to be cautious about. In fact, there are not a few reports from the authorities of illicit trafficking and operations involving organised crime.

In this respect, what is needed is as close as possible to a control and/or regulatory body.

What is the Metaverse Standards Forum: a concrete project

The US took action much earlier than other countries. To open the metaverse to the world, the US (Oregon, USA) company Khronos Group hosted and created the Metaverse Standards Forum in June 2022.

The intention is to create a serious project aimed at bringing together all stakeholders in the field, creating guidelines for the benefit of users and creators. Also, they aim to evolve reference technologies on a par with possible regulation.

To date, more than 35 members have been founders, with 1500 organisations of various types actively participating in the initiative.

What the Metaverse Standards Forum aims

The intention, as already mentioned, is to create guidelines and in the future a possible regulation in collaboration with countries around the world. Today, however, the list of themes that the entity will develop has already been provided.

Among them we have: rendering and 3D, interface development for AR and VR, user experience, Avatars and user management, geospatial systems. The Forum also addresses the methodology by which financial transactions in the Metaverse will have to take place.

Admittedly, this is a project that has only just started, but the goal has been immediately set. The aim to solidify a world that is still too fluid and lacking in pivot points.

How to join the Metaverse Standards Forum

Again, rules still to be outlined, but the process is not complicated. The Metaverse Standards Forum is open to for-profit and non-profit companies and is free for all.

You just have to choose two levels of membership, having in mind that everything revolves around the metaverse and that you cannot go off topic.

You can choose to be a simple participant in the forum, engaging in the discussions. Or, to be a key player, supervising and investing in the proposed projects.

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