New Lenovo T1 glasses: the new wearable screen for immersive experiences

Elizabeth Smith

Every year, technology advances more and more and it should no longer surprise us to see how new things are on the agenda in a constantly evolving world. However, if we normally talk about the release of a new mobile phone, here we find ourselves in front of a slightly different product: glasses.

At Tech Life 2022, in fact, Lenovo announced the Lenovo Glasses T1, a screen that can be “worn” in the form of glasses for the consumption of content on the go. But let’s see more specifically.

Features and release of the new Lenovo T1 Glasses

The most relevant properties of this product are an extraordinary image quality, very high performance to allow the battery to last longer and a remarkable lightness.

Lenovo T1 glasses are also equipped with micro-OLED technology, with a very high contrast of 10,000: 1, and interchangeable nose clips, but that’s not all: in addition to the adaptability of the temples, it will also be possible to take advantage of a dedicated support included for use customized prescription lenses.

They have Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and TUV Low Blue Light certification to prevent eye strain. They also include integrated speakers. In short, a real portable display with a “projector effect”.

Unfortunately, the price of this extraordinary portable screen has not yet been announced, but we know that the intention is to put them on sale in China at the end of 2022 and make them available in other selected markets starting from 2023.

Functionalities of the Lenovo T1 Glasses

The functionalities of this mobile device are many and it will be possible to exploit them in many ways, in fact these glasses can be used for: entertainment, hybrid work, by professionals in sectors that increasingly exploit this technology, video games and viewing of streaming content.

The last two factors in particular appear to be important for the company, which in fact expects a growth of the global market of mobile games of 11.5% per year, reaching 153 billion dollars by 2027, and growth annual average of 18.1% for the streaming market, reaching 972 billion dollars by 2030.

Which devices will they be compatible with?

Finally, we are dealing with a fundamental feature, which does not always allow anyone to use certain technologies: the compatibility between various types of devices. According to what has emerged so far, Lenovo glasses will be compatible with both Windows, Android and Mac OS devices, if equipped with full-function USB-C, and with Apple products.

This feature is not to be taken for granted, in fact not many Apple devices can boast of this option. In this case, however, it will be possible to connect the Lenovo T1 Glasses to iOS products equipped with a Lightning connector, such as iPhones, using an optional adapter.

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