Top 5 cryptocurrency jobs to explore: what do you need to know

Sushree Behera

Cryptocurrency is a topic that has achieved buzz all over the world. One can say it is because of its fascinating and intricate technology and the lucrative possibility it provides in the future. The ever-expanding cryptocurrency space has paved the way for generating numerous job opportunities for people all over the world.

Most crypto startups these days search for a talented candidate who knows the ins and outs of crypto. They mainly look for freshers with the potential to grow. As this technology dominates the world, its demand will only increase. We will discuss the top 5 cryptocurrency jobs we should opt for.

Skills required for cryptocurrency jobs 

As demanding as the cryptocurrency jobs seem, it is one of the most lucrative fields to be in. However, it is also important to note that people with quality skills only stand a chance. If you want to excel in this field, knowing about the crypto industry, the technologies used, and market insights is essential. 

Most of crypto-focused companies look for candidates who are proficient in the technical and programming languages—Java, Node.js, AI, C & C++, Python, etc. Also, having a strong hold on Amazon web services does help a lot. 

Blockchain is the essence of cryptocurrency. When you understand blockchain technology well, you automatically stand a better chance of landing a great-paying job. 

Soft skills like good communication, being self-motivated, having leadership qualities and being a team player can be vital in procuring a job in the crypto-currency field. 

Top cryptocurrency jobs

The demand for jobs in this field fluctuates due to a lack of proficient individuals. Let’s dive deep into the realm of top jobs you can take up in the field of Crypto-Currency:

Blockchain Developer

A Blockchain developer is expected to know about writing code and applications that imbibe the same technology. According to market standards, an experienced blockchain developer’s average salary is 134,000. Solidity is the word that is best described when it comes to blockchain development, i.e., you need to have a solid understanding of two or more programming languages. 

LinkedIn analysis suggests that blockchain developer was on the list of the most rising job positions for 2020. It’s 2023 now, and the demand for it has only doubled. From 1.8$ billion spending in world blockchain technology to a whopping 15.9$ billion, the technology offers unending possibilities for potential developers.

Crypto journalist

A crypto-journalist requires a rock-solid grasp of updates, insights and concepts going around in the crypto world. They are expected to dip their feet into the ongoing trends, research and put the data together to create insightful articles and listicles to present to crypto-enthusiastic audiences.

If you are into writing with a love for cryptocurrency and have a degree in journalism, marketing or communications, then you can apply for this position. 

Data scientist

In the ever-evolving field of crypto-currency, the insights of a data scientist will come in handy. Data Scientists are those folks who are responsible for creating algorithms and prediction models for procuring insightful data to cater to the companies’ day-to-day business requirements.

If you have comprehensive knowledge of blockchain and some coding experience, then you can apply for this high-paying job. 

Cybersecurity engineer

A cybersecurity engineer is the one who safeguards the essence of the crypto-currency market. As technology advances, the unmitigated threat of cyber attacks and hacks cast a negative shadow over the market.

The job of a cybersecurity engineer is to protect the market and prevent any form of data breach from taking place. To qualify for this job, you must have a Computer science and cybersecurity credential.

Financial analyst

A financial analyst in the cryptocurrency field plays a very important role in shaping the organization’s future. The day-to-day responsibilities of this job require the candidate to carry out effective financial analysis, estimate expenditures and income, maintain the budget and shape it, etc. 

Challenges and future outlook 

Cryptocurrency is on the rise and is here to dominate. The cryptocurrency has quadrupled in recent years, and many job opportunities are opening. As the demand for qualified individuals increases, there will be a surge of youths pursuing this field for better career growth.

The supply will also witness this surge.The future outlook promises high-paying jobs. Individuals are expected to equip themselves with technical expertise and advanced tools to qualify for the same.

Suppose you have a personally vested interest in the field of cryptocurrency. In that case, we suggest you keep learning and upskilling, experiment with technological tools, engage in networking and, most importantly, keep loving the field.

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