TimeChain Labs and Nu10 partner to provide end-to-end Blockchain solutions powered by the BSV Blockchain

Elizabeth Smith

Mumbai-based BSV Blockchain focused start-up, TimeChain Labs Pvt Ltd (TCL), and Nu10 Technologies have announced a strategic partnership to provide end-to-end BaaS (Blockchain as a Solution) services to enterprises globally. The MoU was signed between Rohan Sharan, Founder and MD of TCL, and Mohit Kataria, Co-Founder of Nu10, and the duo have sealed their intent to present a combined face in interactions with potential and existing clients that require their solutions to be built on the BSV Blockchain. In the lead up to the Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit India in Bengaluru (Aug 05-06) sponsored by the BSV Blockchain Association, their decision to join hands and offer cutting-edge Blockchain solutions to clients is firmly founded on the advantages offered by the BSV Blockchain, namely, scalability and low transaction fee.

TCL, founded by IIT Kharagpur alumnus Sharan (who is also the BSV Blockchain Association Ambassador for India), has been in the thick of all things BSV since its founding in 2021. Another alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and a then Berlin-based Physics PhD candidate, Mallikarjun Karra, joined as a Director to aid Sharan’s vision and “launch a suite of products that make up an operating system for a civilisation built atop the timechain (blockchain).”

Nu10, on the other hand, is a web3 solutions provider with offices in New York, Estonia and Bengaluru, India. Co-Founder Kataria, an alumnus of IIT D and IIM C, is a tech enthusiast and a serial entrepreneur, and has called BSV “one of the best-distributed ledgers for enterprises with its low fees, greater scalability, excellent data capacity, and the facility for micro- and nano-payments.” Nu10’s VP of Product, Parimal Priyadarshi, who recently began to appreciate the superiority of Bitcoin SV owing to his own carefully conducted research, has been the driving force behind this marriage and the dream to be the “Infosys of the Web3 and BaaS gold-rush.”

Sharan and Kataria remarked that this partnership would be ideal to cater to the needs of government and private enterprises since TCL specialises in consulting and architecture design for dependable BSV solutions, while Nu10 offers the advantage of over a hundred experienced full-stack developers. “We have already been receiving requests for consultations from diverse quarters in the run up to the EUB Summit in Bengaluru,” they said.

The rise of an Indian BaaS provider helping enterprises with blockchain adoption and offering cost-effective solutions is certainly good news for the global BSV eco-system.

Managing Director of the BSV Blockchain Association, Patrick Prinz said: “Interest has now grown into seeing what the blockchains utility and potential really is; for example, two of the courses* we run at the Association, one for entrepreneurs and one for developers have seen significant uptake from participants in India this year. It’s great to see deals of this nature coming to fruition with two sets of entrepreneurs partnering to achieve their goals on BSV.

“We are excited to be sponsoring the EUB Summit as it is a fantastic opportunity to educate developers and entrepreneurs on the benefits of developing on BSV whether that’s about P2P electronic cash, micropayments, immutable data ledger and secure end to end communication.”

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