TikTok Music: how the new music streaming platform works

Spotify and YouTube Music on the alert: TikTok Music, the new music streaming platform with unique features and a very competitive price, is coming: let's see what it will look like and how much it will cost.
tiktok music

TikTok, the well-known social media based on short videos has influenced the music industry more than anyone could have imagined. Now, the video giant has decided to launch its own music streaming platform called TikTok Music.

In this article, we will explore how TikTok has already made its mark on the music scene, what TikTok Music will look like and how it will differ from other available streaming services.

TikTok’s influence in the music industry

Before delving into the details of TikTok Music, it is important to highlight the impact TikTok has had on the music industry.

Its revolutionary algorithmic formula, capable of identifying the most popular songs in videos, has influenced the music charts, causing songs to rise and fall based on users’ choices.

So much so that last year TikTok launched the StemDrop music channel dedicated exclusively to emerging artists.

In addition, TikTok changed the very process of song creation, pushing producers and singers to create ad hoc tracks that could be successful on the platform.

Artists such as Justin Bieber and Drake have even launched challenges (called challenges) on TikTok to promote their new albums and make tracks go viral.

TikTok has also managed to bring back old, forgotten songs, demonstrating the power of its relationship with the music industry.

TikTok Music: how does it work?

The program has taken its cue from existing music streaming services, such as Spotify and YouTube Music, but has adapted the functions to suit its identity as an app.

The platform focuses on personalisation, interaction and the idea of fast and casual music consumption.

One of the distinctive features of TikTok Music will be the ability to switch between videos and full songs, offering users a broader and deeper music experience.

TikTok Music users will have access to advanced customisation options, allowing them to discover viral tracks on the platform and search for songs based on text snippets.

It will also be possible to create shared playlists with other users, expanding the social aspect of the listening experience.

TikTok Music will also offer a song identification option similar to Shazam. Users will be able to record a song for a few seconds and immediately discover the song’s author and title.

In line with the interactive nature of TikTok, TikTok Music will include a comments section on tracks, albums and artists. Users can express their opinions, share emotions and connect with the music community within the app itself.

TikTok Music allows users to download music for offline listening. A service that on Spotify is currently only available through a Premium subscription.

This option will allow users to enjoy music even when they are not connected to the Internet. Thus offering greater flexibility and convenience.

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TikTok Music: how much will it cost?

Unlike other music streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube Music, TikTok Music only offers a paid subscription model with an expected cost of around three euros per month.

This price is significantly lower than the subscription costs of Spotify. Which currently offers several options, including an individual Premium plan at around nine euros per month and a family plan at around fifteen euros per month. In addition, YouTube Music has a Premium plan that costs around ten euros per month.

TikTok Music differs further from Spotify and YouTube Music in that it does not offer an ad-supported free option.

While Spotify and YouTube Music allow free access to their music catalogues. But with advertising breaks, TikTok Music has chosen to focus exclusively on a paid subscription model.

Importantly, despite the lower cost, TikTok Music still offers a large catalogue of music tracks from different genres and artists.

Subscribers have unlimited access to music and can enjoy features such as the creation of customised playlists and integration with TikTok videos.

If, to compete with TikTok, Spotify has announced the entry of music videos on the platform, it remains to be seen which of the two giants will prevail.

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