Threads vs Instagram, what are the differences?

Elizabeth Smith

There were many who had been waiting for it for a long time: now Threads is finally available here in Italy too.

In fact, after months of delays, even European users can start using Meta’s new social channel for a few days. We are talking about Threads, the new app created by Mark Zuckerberg, which challenges Elon Musk’s social X.

Let’s see, therefore, in this article how Threads, the new Meta app, works, how content is published on this channel and above all what the differences are between social Threads and Instagram.

Threads arrives in Europe

The countdown of a few months has finally expired. The application launched by Mark Zuckerberg is now also available throughout Europe.

Many people think that the intent of Zuckerberg, founder of Meta, is precisely to compete with Elon Musk’s social network, X. Indeed, taking a look at the new Threads social network, its operation is very similar to the former Twitter.

The arrival of the Threads app in Europe later than the launch in the United States is essentially due to the adaptation of the new social network to the EU legislation that regulates the digital market and the operating mechanisms of the various online platforms, the so-called Digital Market Act .

It is precisely for this reason that the functioning and methods of using the contents available on the Threads social network have been changed. In fact, users in the EU will be able to decide whether to create their profile on the Threads app via the account connected to Instagram or use the Threads application without creating a profile.

Threads: how it works

Threads consists of a feed made up of microposts, which can be commented on, replied to and reposted by other users, also through attachments, such as images and photos. The structure of Threads, therefore, is that of a social network typically focused on textual content.

In particular, users can share content in the form of short text messages with a maximum of 500 characters. However, the possibility of inserting a maximum of 10 photographs or a video remains valid.

On the platform, therefore, it is possible to reply and comment on other users’ posts. In this way, real conversations can be started around certain topics.

Also in this case, the social Threads will be based on an algorithm that sends the user a highly personalized feed, with content that may be in line with the user’s interests.

How to access the Threads app

But how to access the Threads app? The mechanism is really very simple. You will first need to download the Threads application from the APP store for iOS or from the Google Play Store, for Android devices.

Once the application has been installed on your smartphone, you need to log in using your Instagram account credentials. Once logged in, you will be able to customize your account on the Threads app.

In this sense, you can change your profile photo, update your biography, choose a username in line with your identity or brand.

After completing this step, you will finally be able to publish the different contents and expand your community.

Threads vs Instagram: what are the differences

As we have seen, the distinctive characteristics of Threads make it quite different from the social network to which it is connected, Instagram.

Meta Threads, in fact, represents a true textual extension of Instagram. Starting with the possibility of publishing purely textual content with a maximum length of 500 characters.

It is precisely this aspect that makes it quite different from the Instagram app, which is essentially based on the use of visual content, such as photos and videos.

It should also be underlined that at the moment, the Threads app does not have a function related to different messaging. This means that users can only interact with each other by responding to public content.

Furthermore, unlike Instagram, Threads users cannot make any changes to a post once it is published. At the same time, Threads does not have a section dedicated to trending topics and does not display any advertisements.

These, therefore, are the substantial differences between Threads and Instagram. However, it is important to point out that the app has only been launched a few months ago. This means that many features could likely change that could make Threads more or less similar to Instagram. We will therefore just have to wait for the next news to find out.

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