The war between Iran and Israel shakes the world: what are the positions of other countries

What are the positions of the most influential countries in the world in the ongoing war between Iran and Israel? Answering this question requires basic knowledge of geopolitics and the ongoing relationships between the nations we are going to analyze and the two belligerent countries.

As things stand, the watchword is “peace”, although it is clear that most governments, at least Western ones, support one country rather than another.

Iran-Israel war: the position of the United States of America and the European Union

Let’s start with the United States of America. It is useless to even clarify their position as it is well known that for many years now, relations between Iran and the USA, in addition to being conflictual, have at times been almost completely non-existent.

Furthermore, it must be added that although the USA has been harsher with Israel regarding an attack in the Rafah crossing, they have never questioned their support for their historical allies in the Middle East and therefore, this time too, without a doubt, they will support the Israeli government.

The entire European Union has openly condemned the Iranian attack and as always called for an immediate ceasefire. A precise position has not yet been expressed but even in this case, given the historic alliance with Israel, the EU almost certainly does not support and will not support Iran.

Russia and Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine are the two nations in which a bloody conflict has been taking place since February 2022. Both certainly have different interests in the Middle East, especially since most Western states, in almost indiscriminate support of Israel, have supported the Ukrainian cause.

According to the logic of alliances, Ukraine should support Israel as a military and economic ally of Western Nations. Russia, however, should support Iran.

These assumptions are confirmed above all by Russia’s position. Valdimir Putin’s government has long been aligned against Israel, encouraging the end of the occupation and the birth of a Palestinian state.

Furthermore, Russia has also collaborated with Iran in the military sphere since the Tehran government has supplied drones for the Russian army to be used also in the conflict in Ukraine.

On the other hand, the words of Ukrainian President Zelensky also confirm the theory according to which Ukraine supports Israel. The Ukrainian leader had in fact stated: “Hamas is like Russia, Israle like Ukraine”.

Türkiye’s position

Turkey is a nation that sits right halfway between the Western and Eastern worlds. Erdogan’s government does not take a precise position but wants to leave everything in the hands of diplomacy.

Turkey has resumed diplomatic relations with the Tehran government and similarly has excellent relations with all the nations of the Western bloc. This position which sees it in the middle of the conflict could be a card in our favor as, as things stand, Turkey remains perhaps the only ally capable of mediating with the Iranian Ayatollahs.

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China’s controversial position

China is one of the most powerful nations in the world and could play a key role in this conflict especially because it has economic and commercial interests with Iran. Unlike many other countries, China is primarily focused on economic relations since it bases almost all of its international relations on such interests.

China’s economic interests with Iran could work in favor of Western nations. War is not good for the economy and the Beijing government knows this all too well. Therefore China could also accept the West’s invitation to intervene to calm the ongoing conflict.

However, what is frightening about China is that although on the one hand it can invite everyone to lay down their arms and maintain a sort of neutrality in the war between Iran and Israel. On the other it can operate in the shadows trying to destabilize the USA and perhaps support the cause Iranian.

Leaving aside the conflict between Iran and Israel for a second, let’s not forget that Israel has another ongoing war. The one with Palestine which is being fought in Gaza. In that case, China openly sided with Russia for Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza and the birth of a Palestinian state.

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