The top 7 green influencers to follow for great hints about sustainability

Discover the top 7 green influencers shaping the sustainable movement. Get inspired by their eco-friendly tips, conscious living practices, and insightful content. Follow their lead towards a greener, more sustainable future.
green influencers to follow

Did you know that a single t-shirt can consume up to 2,700 liters of water during its production process? With environment concerns rising rapidly, it’s high time to take our step toward a positive change. In this journey of spreading and creating awareness regarding positive change, digital media are the perfect catalysts.

You will see tons of brands and influencers advocating sustainability and green living. These environmental warriors are taking the online world by storm, using their platforms to educate, inspire, and empower others to make a difference. Let’s explore the journey and stories of seven such influential green influencers.

Great green influencers to start following now

The following are some of the top green influencers of the moment:

1. Lauren Singer  

American environmental activist, businesswoman, and blogger Lauren Singer is a part of the zero waste movement. After earning her degree in environmental studies from NYU, she set out on her road towards a waste-free living in 2012. 

Singer has a large following on social media, with over 346K followers on Instagram. Her online blog, Trash Is for Tossers, is a portfolio of her lifestyle showcasing how she has been collecting the waste generated from her lifestyle since 2012 in a 16oz mason jar. 

She left her full-time job in 2014 to launch Simply Co, an organic laundry detergent company. Lauren Singer is also the founder of Package Free, an online store that specializes in selling eco-products without plastic packaging. She has been featured in various media outlets and has been recognized for her efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainability. 

2. Elizabeth Teo 

Also known as @ZeroWasteCutie on Instagram, Elizabeth Toe is a Chinese American and Canadian environmental activist. She ranks among the top 15 Canadian green influencers.

Being an environmental educator, her main aim is to create awareness among people and help them take action against environmental issues such as fast fashion, waste, and climate change through an intersectional lens. 

This Toronto-based green influencer has partnered with earth-friendly brands like Fluer House Plants and Kind Laundry Sheets. Not just this, she has also been featured in Vogue for her lovely infographics and educational videos on sustainability.

3. Leah Thomas 

Also known as Green Girl Leah, she’s an intersectional environmental educator and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. She completed her Bachelor of Science from Chapman University in 2017 in Environmental Science and Policy. 

She is the founder of the online platform Intersectional Environmentalist, which focuses on the interconnection between social justice and environmentalism.

Leah Thomas’ book “The Intersectional Environmentalist” examines the inextricable link between environmentalism, racism, and privilege. It promotes an all-encompassing view of environmentalism that fights for the defence of both people and the environment. 

4. Ashley Renne 

The founder of the blog Travel Lushes, Ashley Renne Nsonwu, is a plant-based food expert and animal rights advocate. She gave up her adventurous traveling career in 2009 to transition her lifestyle & make it eco-friendly. Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, you may find her as @heyashleyrenne across most social media platforms. 

She has also served as a board member of Climate Power and has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, and numerous other magazines and publications. She also has an online blog platform named This Black American and South Asian environmental & animal advocate is the author of The Vegan Baby Cookbook and Guide, scheduled to be published in Fall 2023. 

5. Isaias Hernandez 

Isaias Hernandez is a self-proclaimed climate influencer who stresses a variety of environmental issues, the most notable one being climate change. He believes the lack of education regarding the environment and climate is where our ignorance roots from. Thus, he’s an environmental justice educator striving to make environmental education accessible for everyone. 

With a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of California, Berkeley, he is the founder of the environmental education page QueerBrownVegan. On this page, he creates introductory forms of environmentalism through colorful content.

Most of his work focuses on environmental justice, zero waste, and veganism. His page doesn’t contain enticing images but has impactful words. 

6. Diandra Marizet 

Diandra Marizet, the Mexican American green influencer, is currently serving as the Executive Director of Intersectional Environmentalist. She is a prominent green influencer who has made a significant impact in promoting sustainable living and environmental awareness. With her engaging content and passion for the planet, she has inspired a large following to adopt eco-friendly practices. 

She recognizes that environmental issues are interconnected with social justice and aims to address the disproportionate impact of environmental degradation on marginalized communities. Diandra uses her platform to shed light on the intersectional nature of sustainability, advocating for inclusive and equitable solutions. 

She actively engages in conversations about environmental racism, climate justice, and the importance of amplifying diverse voices within the environmental movement.

7. Ayesha Barenblat  

Ayesha Barenblat is a prominent green influencer known for her remarkable efforts in promoting sustainability and ethical fashion. As the founder and CEO of Remake, a non-profit organization, she has dedicated her work to transforming the fashion industry into a more conscious and transparent space. 

Barenblat uses her platform to raise awareness about the environmental and social impacts of fast fashion, advocating for a more sustainable and equitable future. Her initiatives include educating consumers, empowering garment workers, and encouraging brands to adopt ethical practices. Through her tireless efforts, Ayesha Barenblat has become an influential voice in the movement toward a greener and more responsible fashion industry.

In a world where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly crucial, following green influencers can be a game-changer. From advocating for eco-friendly fashion to sharing tips on reducing waste and promoting renewable energy, these green influencers are igniting a global movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Let’s join these influencers in this positive journey and create a world that thrives on sustainability.

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