The new frontier of technology: here are the most anticipated tech products of 2023

2023 promises to be an extremely prosperous year for big-tech companies. Innovation and usability are the keywords for this year, which has many new features in store. Let's discover them together.
tech products 2023

2023 promises to be an extremely prosperous year for big-tech companies. Innovation and usability are the keywords for this year, which has many new features in store. Let’s discover the most anticipated tech products of 2023.

The holidays are over, and many today can only enjoy their gifts, 35% of which, according to estimates, fall into the tech category: new smartphones, PCs, accessories and so on.

However, progress in this area is constantly moving, and it’s already time to think about the new releases of 2023.

2022 has been an incredible year in this sense. With the effects of the pandemic still lingering and influencing new trends, the way we approach technology has changed radically. Today, a wider audience knows the essential value of everyday devices.

The most anticipated tech products for 2023

This year promises to be an even more prosperous window, if possible. Here is a list of the most anticipated tech products of 2023.

Dyson Zone

Let’s start with the slightly creepiest product on the list, which looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi comic: the Dyson Zone is a portable air purifier that also comes with a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Inspired by the famous anti-COVID masks, the Dyson Zone is actually a very useful device for blocking polluting particles harmful to health – and is recommended for those living in cities with high population densities to protect themselves from pathogens in the air.

Apple HomePod 2

The second generation of voice-activated speakers from Apple is ready to amaze us, if confirmed.

Experts predict a whole series of upgrades for this version – from the audio compartment to the addition of a display to make it easier to use.


The second generation of VR for Sony’s Play Station is confirmed. The official date is February 22, 2023. The price, however, could discourage you. We are talking about over 800 dollars.

The updates for this version include a more precise spatial positioning system, which will not require the use of an external camera. Sensory capabilities will be enhanced, ensuring an immersive gaming experience like never before.

Sony will also commit to churning out more titles for the VR version, which will really make it worth the money spent on the purchase of this device.

Google Pixel Fold

The trend of foldable phones still remains highly relevant, so much so as to arouse the curiosity of Google, which in 2023 could release its very first smartphone of this type.

Very similar to the Galaxy Fold, Google Pixel Fold will amaze with a much more advanced photographic sector.

Apple VR Headsets

For years now there have been rumors of a possible entry of Apple into the VR technology market. The rapid development of this tech field could be the necessary push for the giant: the release of the Apple VR Headset in 2023 is almost confirmed.

Much is expected of Apple in this case. First of all, the use of the powerful M2 chip, but also the use of 8K screens for an image quality never seen before.

Meta Quests 3

When we say, you speak of the devil and horns sprout, Meta Quest 3 VR is also preparing to enter 2023 with even more advanced technology in terms of virtual reality.

Among the improvements for this version, we will find a longer battery life, a more advanced processor and a 90Hz resolution with a performant refresh rate. But many also expect the introduction of a new fruition environment dedicated to the Metaverse.

Electric cars

As a more general discourse, 2023 will be the year of electric cars, according to experts. Tesla-inspired increasingly software-centered vehicles, and increasingly usable for all audiences.

The production of electric cars, this year, will in fact try to bring the market to a mainstream level, and allowing everyone to buy a full electric vehicle without going bankrupt.

New Generation Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung promises, for 2023, a generation of increasingly performing phones – especially from the point of view of the photographic sector. In February, the new S23 series should be announced, which will replace the Galaxy S22 series launched last year.

There is talk of a 200MP camera and a second generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor, which will guarantee maximum performance and an even longer battery life!

Apple iPhone 15

How to leave the iPhone 15 series out of this list? The 15 series, which will replace the iPhone 14 series, could have an even more advanced photographic sector with periscopic zoom, and a titanium body.

Apple may also be the first to use 3nm N3E technology on its A17 bionic chips. Which translates into perfect performance and unbeatable battery life. If iPhone 14 seems to have reached the peak of quality for the giant, there is still much to be expected from the Cupertino visionaries.

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