Stoltenberg meets Zelensky in Kiev: “Ukraine’s place is in NATO”

Elizabeth Smith

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, at a press conference alongside Volodymyr Zelensky, pushes on Kiev’s entry into the alliance. An issue that “will be high on the agenda” of the summit scheduled for July in Vilnius.

To make that happen, however, one must first “ensure that Ukraine wins and continues to remain a sovereign, independent and democratic state,” argues Stoltenberg again, on his first visit to the country since the conflict began.

Statements that satisfy Volodymyr Zelensky. The Ukrainian president speaks of “a new chapter” in relations between Ukraine and the Alliance in which “ambitious decisions” will have to be made.

The prospect of Ukraine joining NATO

At the same time, Kiev is calling on Stoltenberg for help in personally working to “overcome the reticence of our partners” in providing “long-range weapons, modern aircraft, artillery and armored vehicles.”

The prospect of Ukraine within NATO infuriates Moscow. The Kremlin speaks of a “serious and significant danger” to security.

Preventing this scenario, the Russian leadership still stresses, “is one of the objectives of the special military operation.”

According to Moscow pulling the strings of this strategy would be the United States. With which at the moment, says Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, “there are practically no relations with Russia, except for necessary contacts.”

Ukraine in NATO and U.S.-Russia relations

For the head of Russian diplomacy, Washington would have launched “a crusade against the Russian Federation, its legitimate interests, culture and traditions”. And would have chosen “the Nazi regime in Kiev” as the “tip” of this project by “pumping it with new armaments.”

If U.S.-Russian relations are at rock bottom Moscow would have collected a denial from China as well.

According to so-called ‘Pentagon leaks,’ the Wagner group reportedly tried to obtain military supplies from Beijing in early 2023, however, collecting a negative response even if only “to carry out tests.”

The mysterious glow in the sky in Kiev

Meanwhile, there is mystery about the mysterious glow that lit up the sky above Kiev late Wednesday evening.

Members of the Ukrainian administration said they suspected that it was a Nasa satellite falling to Earth, but the U.S. space agency denied this hypothesis.

In a second reconstruction of the incident, Kiev later adjusted its focus by calling the hypothesis of a falling satellite “unlikely” and suggesting that it may have been a meteorite.

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