Stockholm Wood City: from Sweden the world’s largest wooden neighborhood

In Stockholm, plans are being made for the construction of the world's largest wooden city. This new settlement will be called Stockholm wood city, and work on its construction will begin in 2025.
stockholm wood city

Indeed, the houses of yesteryear, in Scandinavian countries, were indeed made of wood. And even today in these countries, often also in cities, one comes across houses built decades ago with long square beams, coloured in the most diverse ways, from yellow to red, from black to purple.

Here, this architectural tradition is far from being completely lost, on the contrary. Wood as a building material is, as is well known, at the heart of the new sustainable way of building. And is particularly used in the north.

It is therefore not too surprising that in Sweden, and more precisely in Stockholm, plans are being made for the construction of the world’s largest wooden city. This new settlement will be called Stockholm wood city, and work on its construction will begin in 2025.

The use of wood in construction, beyond all limits

The place where the world’s largest timber settlement will see the light of day is in the southern part of the Swedish capital, in the district of Sickla. The goal is, as mentioned, to start work in about two years, with the first buildings to be delivered as early as 2027.

Certainly, using wood as a key material in sustainable construction is nothing new. Nor is using it to construct large, modern buildings.

Consider that in Bergen, Norway, a 50-metre wooden skyscraper containing 62 flats has been built. In Vancouver there is a 53-metre high wooden dormitory, which was completed in 9 and a half weeks. In Sweden, in Skelleftea, there is a 76-metre wooden skyscraper. Just outside Oslo, back in Norway, the Mjøstårnet skyscraper reaches 85 metres. And is made of 100% glulam, including the load-bearing structure.

The novelty of the Swedish project, however, is to design a large settlement of buildings made of wood. Thus forming an entire city in accordance with the most careful principles of sustainable building.

Stockholm wood city, a modern wood settlement

Indeed, the people behind the Stockholm wood city project are thinking big. The area that will host the settlement is approximately 250,000 square metres in size. And once it is built, it will house approximately 2,000 homes and 7,000 offices. All strictly built with modern timber structures.

There will be commercial activities, restaurants, parks and so on. Behind this project is the Atrium Ljungberg studio. Which sees Stockholm wood city as the future of building and living. The decision to initiate this project, the architects explain, is to respond to the need of more and more people to live in innovative and sustainable housing.

The dwellings designed by the firm will be able to guarantee concrete advantages both for the environment and for the well-being and health of their occupants.

With Stockholm wood city, the city of Stockholm will therefore be even more of a model to look up to for urban sustainability. The Swedish capital was the first city to be awarded the title of European Green Capital in 2010.

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