Samsung develops its first Smart Ring: future revolution in wearable technology?

Smartwatch? Outdated! Today the trend is smart rings, and Samsung has every intention of joining the trend: the Galaxy Smart Ring is coming: here is all that is known so far.
samsung smart ring

While the Galaxy Watch line of watches has achieved great success, it seems that Samsung wants to focus on a much smaller and even more practical format.

In particular, the company seems interested in creating a smart ring that offers advanced functionality in an ultra-compact design. This article will explore what we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

Specifications and functionality of Samsung’s Smart Ring

Based on the patents reported by the Korean media outlet Naver, the Samsung Galaxy Ring could offer a wide range of features exclusively for health monitoring.

The patents suggest the integration of ECG and PPG sensors, which would allow the device to measure heart rate and monitor body temperature faithfully.

These features would make it similar to the Oura Ring 3, one of the current leaders in the smart ring market.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Ring could offer Smart Home integrations, allowing users to control devices such as a smart TV directly from the ring via home automation.

However, even cheaper smartwatches will have more functionality than a smart ring. As this type of wearable usually does not have a screen.

Samsung’s smart ring: when is the release date?

While official confirmation is yet to come, there are several clues that suggest Samsung is working on a Galaxy Ring.

In 2022, patents were reported for such a device. And the trademark ‘Samsung Galaxy Ring’ was registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Right Information Service (KIPRIS).

This indicates that Samsung is indeed thinking about it. Moreover, smart rings are gaining popularity as they offer a screen-less experience that appeals to many users who only want to monitor basic information without distractions.

At the moment, therefore, there is no official launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

However, given the innovative nature of the product and Samsung’s desire to succeed in this new area, it is likely that the company will want to ensure that the device is fully developed before launch.

Therefore, a launch in 2023 does not seem to be the most plausible timeline. It is also possible that Samsung will reveal more information about the Galaxy Ring during the upcoming Unpacked event.

How much will it cost?

Samsung’s Smart Ring will probably not be for everyone. The advanced technology required to turn such a small ring into a reliable fitness tracking device entails significant costs.

It is probable that the price of the Galaxy Ring will be similar to that of other wearable devices of this type. For example, the latest Oura Ring 3 has a starting price of $299. And, it requires a monthly subscription to access its full functionality.

Let’s hope that Samsung does not adopt a similar subscription model. And that the Galaxy Ring is offered as a standalone product at no extra cost.

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