Smartphones Apple or Samsung: who wins the game?

The choice for the purchase of a new smartphone is often influenced by the brand and the performance of the product. Among the most renowned brands, Apple and Samsung certainly stand out. But which is the best of the two?
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The choice for the purchase of a new smartphone is often influenced by the brand and the performance of the product. Among the most renowned brands, Apple and Samsung certainly stand out. But which is the best of the two?

If we used to keep it in the back pocket of our trousers, in some cavity of our shoulder bag or even forget it on the bedside table, today the smartphone seems to have become an indispensable accessory. Always at hand, it offers the great advantage of staying connected with the outside world. Moreover, numerous technical tools, useful in both the work and private spheres.

From the 1990s onwards, the road that led the smartphone to become a state-of-the-art technology has been full of reworkings and designs. Also, of experimentations and failures. In the case of Apple and Samsung, the two most popular manufacturers in the world, however, luck and success have almost always been in their favour.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of their products. And why comparisons between one and the other are always a subject of discussion among customers.

Apple products

Apple Inc.’s most important moment came in January 2007, when Steve Jobs presented the very first iPhone. A kind of Internet-enabled iPod smartphone (iOS e3G operating system) with a sensitive digital interface and innovative performance, at the Macworld Conference & Expo.

From then on, the pinnacle of success was concretely seen with sales figures of one million. The parent company began to create a universe of compatible articles and applications that were able to build customer loyalty day by day.

The development of the quality of the new iPhone could only go to extremes:

  • from the curved aesthetic shape to the square practicality;
  • from the small display to a huge one with fingerprint recognition;
  • from the silver back to a glossy or even coloured cover;
  • from the 5MP camera to the latest three-camera configuration (ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto) with a sapphire crystal-coated lens;
  • maximum water, dust and scratch resistance.

Not to mention battery life (up to 5 hours longer than the XS and XS MAX models). Moreover, the presence of the Apple U1 chip, spatial audio playback. And an improved Face ID system.

For example, the iPhone 13PRO is considered by some to be the epitome of perfection. Much like all those other next-generation products the company churns out for its loyal customers.

Although only compatible with their own systems and costing significantly more than others, they are still the most desired.

Samsung products

Galaxy smartphones are well-constructed and well-designed phones. They are brightly coloured but also deliberately understated, which focus on optimisation between hardware and software. In which many manufacturers struggle. And which in every price range are very good and reliable.

Samsung, in fact, produces many types of phones, from the simplest budget smartphones to mid-range and high-end models. The latter includes the S series models, suitable for those looking for one of the best camera or gaming smartphones, and extravagant smartphones such as the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip.

The top of the range is represented by the brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G. Which in addition to featuring an 8-core Exynos processor and 8 GB of RAM (128 GB memory) offers the possibility of taking high-quality photos at a resolution of 12000×9000 pixels. Also, recording 8K videos at a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels.

The part of the company called Samsung Electronics also focuses on a business area that includes a large number of digital media such as computing devices, laptops, laser printers, small household appliances and televisions such as the new Samsung QD-OLED TV, thus diversifying its product range.

Being a sponsor of many sporting events or football teams, the logo that includes its name on a blue background is meant to symbolise reliability and corporate social responsibility.

Samsung vs Apple: who wins the match?

And we come to the fateful question: is an Apple or Samsung smartphone better? Let’s say that in itself there is no absolute technological supremacy, but there are needs that must be fulfilled.

Everything depends, therefore, on the use you will have to make of it. If your need corresponds purely to a superficial use of your smartphone, then a Samsung will be more than fine. If on the other hand you have to work on it and create high-quality content, Apple will be the better choice.

In any case, the real difference between the two manufacturers’ products will not only be found in their casing and processor. But also in their advertising impact and service.

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