Air strikes on Lviv, Kiev, Kherson. Tactical nuclear weapons, Biden: “Russian threat is real”

Russia-Ukraine war, new attacks in Kiev, Lviv and Zaporizhzhia. Biden: 'The threat of the use of tactical nuclear weapons is real'.
air strikes ukraine

Russia-Ukraine war, new Russian air strikes in Kiev, Lviv and Zaporizhzhia. Biden: ‘The threat of the use of tactical nuclear weapons is real’.

New air strikes attacks in Kiev and other cities

New “massive” Russian attacks have targeted Kiev and the Ukrainian cities of Lviv and Zaporizhzhia, according to the military authorities, who report no casualties at the moment.

The attacks came at the cities from different directions via drones and the alert lasted more than three hours.

The Ukrainian General Staff later claimed that the Ukrainian air defence shot down 18 drones out of the 30 launched by Russian forces overnight.

Russian bombs in the night on Lviv

A critical infrastructure suffered damage in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv as a result of Russian shelling overnight.

This was communicated by the head of the regional military administration Maxim Kozitsky.

“There were no casualties. A fire broke out. All emergency services are at work,” Kozitsky specified on Telegram. Explosions also happened in other parts of the Lviv region.

Kiev, 20 kamikaze drones launched over Ukraine: 28 shot down

Russian forces launched 30 Shahed kamikaze drones over Ukraine overnight, 28 of which were shot down by Ukrainians, the Kiev Armed Forces General Staff announced, as Ukrinform reports.

“Russian terrorists launched another massive air and missile attack against Ukraine overnight. According to preliminary information, 28 of the 30 Shahed launched by the enemy were destroyed,’ the report reads.

In addition, the occupiers used seven S-300 missiles to attack Zaporizhzhia and its surroundings.”

Yesterday, the General Staff continued, the Russians launched four Kalibr cruise missiles and four Iranian-made Shahed-136/131 attack drones.

Also yesterday, Moscow forces launched more than 45 air raids and about 70 attacks with multiple-launch missile systems on Ukrainian troop positions and populated areas.

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Biden, threat of tactical nuclear weapons use ‘is real’

The threat of Vladimir Putin’s use of tactical nuclear weapons is “real”, US President Joe Biden told a group of donors in California.

“When I came here about two years ago and said I was worried about the Colorado River drying up, everybody looked at me like I was crazy,” Biden said, “they looked at me like when I said I was worried about Putin using tactical nuclear weapons. It’s real.”

On 16 June, Putin announced that the first Russian tactical nuclear weapons had been placed in Belarus.

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